SNEAK PEEK: Lori Lovecraft: Into the Past #1


Asylum Press sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Lori Lovecraft: Into the Past #1 that is available in digital form today.

Lori Lovecraft: Into the Past #1
Writer:  Ventrella and Mike Vosburg
Artist:  Mike Vosburg
Danke Schoen hires private eye R.C. Bowen to find the child she gave up 
for adoption years ago. Lori and R.C. follow a trail that has them crossing
paths with basketball star Lenny “the Legend” Raven, the Mayor of LA and
the devious Amanda, a Hollywood player who heads the insidious Cabal, and Elston Gunn the aging king of  Rock ‘n; Roll… they are all after the Necronomicon, the fabulous book of  spells that Lori has in her possession and they will stop at nothing to get it.  This one culminates in a cosmic rock concert with in Voodoo Mansion with all the villains, Horatio and Zelda, and lots of Lori’s old boyfriends in attendance.  And then there is Lori’s wedding at the end…  ALSO- A bonus VOODOO MANSION short story.

LLOVECRAFT_INTO_cover_600px LL_Past_02 LL_Past_03 LL_Past_04 LL_Past_05 LL_Past_06

via Asylum Press