Fans of the American anime adaptation Robotech (the classic series that adapted not one, but THREE different giant fightin’ robot stories into one continuity) may find a little something special during this year’s Comicon festivities…


Thursday, July 18th San Diego Comic-Con

We cordially invite you to the Robotech Industry Panel at San Diego Comic-Con. Join us for a discussion on all things Robotech and celebrate the July 23rd DVD release of the Robotech: 2-Movie Collection featuring the brand-new never-before-seen Love Live Alive film and the classic hit The Shadow Chronicles. Interviews available upon request.
Be sure to stop by the Robotech X Booth on the Mezzanine level and be on the lookout for exclusive o-cards for signing, available only at San Diego Comic Con.

Click here to view the trailer

Who: Tommy Yune (Robotech Creative Director), Steve Yun (Robotech V.P. Of New Media), Kevin McKeever (Robotech V.P. Of Marketing), Scott Glasgow (Composer), Jamey Scott (Supervising Sound Editor) and Svea Macek (Creative Consultant)
Where: San Diego Convention Center – Room 6DE
When: Thursday, July 18, 20128:15p.m.– 9:15 p.m.

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  1. Cool, I really liked the first third of the series, 2nd not as much, and only saw one episode of the third before Netflix had it removed. I really want to watch this panel.

  2. Hulu no longer has it either. I wonder if a license or contract expired.
    I got hooked on the Robotech when I saw it when it first came out. The first series is the best, followed by Mospedia (the 3rd series). The second series is a distant third.

    Also, I wonder if there will be any news of the Robotech live action movie now that Pacific Rim did poorly.

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