SNEAK PEEK: Fathom: The Elite Saga #5


Aspen Comics sent us a sneak peek of Fathom: The Elite Saga #5 that arrives in stores next week, July 17, 2013.

Vince Hernandez ; JT Krul ; David Wohl ­ writers / Ken Marion ­ pencils /
Kyle Ritter – colors

The most epic storyline in Fathom¹s 15-year history reaches its finale!

The future of the Fathom Universe will be forged as Anya¹s quest to reunite
with her kidnapped‹and extremely powerful‹daughter brings her to a place
that Aspen Matthews remembers all too well. Here, in the place where it all
started, the battle for the baby¹s life, as well as their own, will be
waged‹and no one is certain to survive!

Aspen newcomer Ken Marion is joined by an all-star group of past and present
FATHOM writers, all coming together for a FATHOM story 15 years in the
making! Plus, fan-favorite artist Talent Caldwell returns with a stunning 5
part interconnecting cover that all leads up to an unbelievable new
direction in the All New FATHOM Universe!

01_FAES-E5-CMYKcrop 02-03_FAES-E5-CMYKcrop FATHOM_TheEliteSaga-05a-Marion FATHOM_TheEliteSaga-05b-Caldwell FATHOM_TheEliteSaga-05c-Turner_Ret

via Aspen Comics