This week has been an interesting one for me on Twitter, as (after multiple recommendations from creators and fans alike) I finally followed legendary creator and comics historian Jim Steranko (@iamsteranko).  A man known for the rarity of his work as well as it’s exquisite quality, Steranko is also a fascinating real-life character (his career as an escape artist was said to have inspired none other than Jack Kirby to create a character based partly on him: Mister Miracle) and has used the 140  character limit in creative ways, telling long-form anecdotes from his storied career and being damn entertaining no matter the topic.  It’s the closest thing we’ll ever have to a real Twitter feed from Nick Fury or Batman, which begs a query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) reminds each Faithful Spoilerite that we’re all about hypotheticals, and thus “I don’t have/want/need a Twitter account” is counter-productive and kinda douchey, asking:  If you could befriend any fictional character on any theoretical social media, who would you most want to follow and WHY?


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  1. Hmmm… It’s a tough one, but I’d follow the social media of the Doctor.

    His postings would likely make little sense, be out of chronological order, and carry the risk of him actually showing up and pulling you into a misadventure.

  2. Hard choice, but I chose Deadpool. He’d probably fill his twitter feed hilarious (and sometimes awful at the same time) one liners. Occasionally going into long winded rants on any number of topic from current events to old Golden Girls episodes to weapon care and matinence. Also, I’d learn where all the best Mexican resteraunts are.

  3. The Doctor, Ambush Bug and G’nort simply because they all have varying degrees of insanity.

    I’d also follow Umeko of Dekaranger because I bet she’d have plenty of cute posts/tweets/etc.

  4. Okay, one, I already follow the Marvel-sponsored, in-canon twitter accounts of the students of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, and they’re awesome and pretty much the ONLY reason I have a twitter account at all(also, Hank McCoy retweeted me. Ee!).
    Two. I would kill to follow Kyle Rayner online – can you imagine the artwork he’d keep posting? Especially art skills that are maxed out now that he has a tool for visualizing them in instant 3D – that’s only going to heighten his skills as an artist, Plus, he’d draw the most amazing things – I loved the constructs he’d create back when he first had the ring, when he was holding the Green Lantern title solo. Also since I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen him on earth, he probably has loads of gorgeous space pictures.
    Also, if Banshee from Secret Six had a tumblr.. oh man, would I follow that. I bet she has some very deep thoughts it’d be a delight to read. Plus, I’m reasonably sure there’d be pictures put up.

    Wow, I’m putting a lot of thought into this. I imagine Vandal Savage’s tweets to be violent and joyful. Superman’s to be inspiring, cheerful, while Clark Kent’s profile would just have constant links to human interest news articles around the world. Yes, that gives Kal-El two Twitter accounts, but c’mon, the internet age is dying to put down Super-Tweeting as a power.

    Peter Parker(ahh, but he is missed) would put up links to tons of sciency articles, his account liberally spiced with semi-lame one-liners he came up with while web-slinging and he just HAD to share. Cyclops’d get one just to find new places to argue more persistently than Matt Murdock ever could about mutant oppression – I probably wouldn’t follow him.

    And Larfleeze would endlessly post up pictures of things and say “I WANT ONE” – all caps, all the time.

  5. I’d follow either the Doctor or more likely Sherlock Holmes. Following Holmes would b great due to the random facts that you’d probably learn.

  6. I’d probably go with Doc Magnus, hearing about what the Metal Men are up to. “Fought Chemo today, only had to repair Mercury & Tin.” Or Captain Sisko “Dukat thought I wouldn’t fire on a Federation base to run him out, called his bluff.”

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