More news on the Kaijudo front as a new product, Elite Series Triple Strike Deck, will be hitting stores this Friday, July 12. On top of that Saturday, July 13, will have an official Kaijudo Set Premiere letting everyone try out the new deck. Speaking of the new deck, we have a preview of things after the jump.


And of course we have the official product snippet.

The Kaijudo – Elite Series Triple Strike Deck features a full deck of premium foil cards with a unique new look! Duelist will love these awesome foils plus a 40-card ready-to-play deck made entirely of powerful Kaijudo™ cards printed with a striking premium treatment that includes metallic gold borders. On top of that, the deck introduces brand new versions of popular Kaijudo creatures, including Rampaging Tatsurion, Feral Scaradorable and Magnet Mech Glu-urrgle!

A pic of the product would be nice, right?

To find out where you can buy Kaijudo – Elite Series Triple Strike Deck, and for information on other Kaijudo products and in-store play programs, visit us at You can also get the latest news and updates on, Twitter (@Wizards_Kaijudo) or Google+. Also, be sure to check out Season 2 of the Kaijudo Television Series at 6:30pm EST on the Hub Network.


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