Major Spoilers Question Of The Day: Baby, You’re A Firework Edition


Today in the United States, it’s Independence Day, which generally means no postal service, small exposions everywhere, and random patriotic fervor throughout the day.  Living as I do on the outskirts of a largish (for Kansas, anyway) city, I find that fervor revealing itself in the form of gunfire, shouting, that one Lee Greenwood song and the wearing of the red, white and blue.  The only place one finds more stars-and-stripes attire than early July in the heartland (he said, transitioning effortlessly), is in the comic books where the example of The Shield (the first patriotic superhero) and his longer-lasting counterpart Captain America has led to dozens of imitators, from the Patriot to the Spirit of ’76 to Canada’s Guardian and Germany’s Hauptmann Deutschland.  In the 21st Century, the idea of identifying yourself specifically with one country seems at once archaic and oddly honorable, and while you’ll never see me suiting up as “The Meadowlark” or “Captain Ad Astra”, it does beg a question…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is probably going to fire some rockets tonight, but hopefully one of them will get Widget to a planet where she will become superhuman and act as a superhero, asking: Other than the obligatory Captain America, who is your favorite superhero to wears his or her nation’s colors?