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CO2 Comics knows how to celebrate the Fourth of July as an Independent comics publisher. They release creator owned graphic albums! For the second year in a row CO2 Comics has launched three graphic albums to accompany their first two volumes of David Anthony Kraft’s COMICS INTERVIEW The Complete Collection in their ever growing and respectable catalog.

Redefining Independence Day as Independent Comics Day, CO2 Comics publishers Bill Cucinotta and Gerry Giovinco celebrate their fourth year anniversary of the web comic collective and their heritage as long-time independent comics publishers having been two of the founding partners of Comico, an influential independent comics publisher of the ’80s and ’90s.

Last year’s release of three books, in print, Heaven and the Dead City by Raine Szramski, The Heavy Adventures of Captain Obese! by  Don Lomax and Ménage à Bughouse by Steve Lafler set a precedent for quality that was well received by critics and reminiscent of CO2 Comic’s publishing legacy.

This year’s offerings continue the tradition of excellence and stand as a testimony to the relationship between creators rights and independent publishing as all three new titles, though previously published, are exclusively owned by the respective creators. They are evidence that intellectual property can be a continued source of potential revenue for the original creators and that rights do not need to be lost to unscrupulous work for hire contracts.

Once more CO2 Comics taps the wellspring of talent that populates their website with serialized features that update weekly migrating the digital content into beautifully packaged printed books. All books are available immediately, sold directly through the following links and shipped directly from the press to your door.

Check the following brief descriptions and imagine how great a complete collection of CO2 Comics creator owned graphic albums will look on the shelves of any esteemed comic library!


DOGGIE STYLE The Complete DOG BOY by Steve Lafler.
488 pages 8.5 x 11″  black and white  interior, full-color cover, available in paperback and hardback editions.

Imagine an enthusiastic, ambitious young artist of the 1980s who happens to have an enormous golden retriever head on a human body. Given to flights of fancy and the odd meditation on the truly mundane, this Dog Boy searches for meaning, all too often via a six pack of Rainer Ale pounders!

Steve Lafler sat down from 1882 to 1988 and drew nearly 500 pages of Dog Boy. Most of the time, he drew with no script, and in fact looked to emptying his mind before putting pencil to bristol board.

The entire results are collected in this 488 page omnibus.  Now you can pay witness to the genius that flowed from Steve’s streaming consciousness as he created one of the most truly independent comic works of all time!

NOTE: Content intended for MATURE readers.


NON by Chris Kalnick
52 pages 9×7″ Landscape black and white  interior, full-color cover, available only in paperback editions.

This collection of the comic strip NON, The Transcendental Extraterrestrial by Chris Kalnick will tickle your soul. NON’s unique perspective of our humanity is a window through which we gain profound insight through the sheer simplicity of his observations. This little alien is a teacher and his thoughts are inspiring. NON’s epilog, A Sensory Neuron’s Quandary, will redefine life’s purpose for those seeking a pointed answer.

52 pages of powerfully, humorous, light-hearted introspection that is beautifully drawn by Kalnick will satisfy your need to be one with the universe but will have you begging for more NON adventures.


ROMA by John Workman
98 pages 8.5 x 11″  black and white  interior, full-color cover, available in paperback and hardback editions.

This 98 page graphic novel is created by John Workman, whose extensive experience in the comic book field is evident in every panel. Workman introduces us to ROMA, a woman of mystery…even to herself… as she finds life, death, love, and perhaps mankind’s final redemption in this fantasy/scince fiction graphic novel. ROMA is the story of a girl who is so much more than merely super-human!

Beautiful art, compelling story and haunting questions make ROMA irresistible and prove why John Workman has managed to work for nearly every publisher that has ever made comics in the last forty years.  John continues to make his mark on the history of the medium  by helping CO2 Comics establish its noteworthy catalog.

CO2 Comics may be the best kept secret in the comics industry, now having published nearly 2,600 pages of comics and comic related material in their first eight books.  Jump on the bandwagon now and lead the parade celebrating Independent Comics Day with CO2 Comics. Support the creators and buy their books!  Show your stamp of approval of Independent comics.


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