SNEAK PEEK: Jirni #3


Aspen Comics sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Jirni #3 that arrives in stores on June 26, 2013.

JT Krul ­ Story / Paolo Pantalena ­ Art / Brett Smith – Colors

Take an incredible JIRNI with Aspen¹s newest hit series!

Discover a whole new world of adventure! As her companion Nylese reaches the
end of her journey while finally discovering the fabled city of her people,
Ara’s road ahead remains ever perilous. Throughout facing many dangers and
threats in her challenging quest, how can she possibly survive Torinthal’s
powerful and deadly d’jinn, when it comes seeking her end?

After years of preparation, creator JT Krul is ready to take you on a JIRNI
unlike any other! Accompanied by the incredible talents of artist Paolo
Pantalena and colorist Brett Smith, this is one JIRNI you won¹t want to

JIRNI-03a-Pantalena JIRNI-03b-Basaldua_Reserved JIRNI-03c-Ebas-RET_Sketch 04_JRN1-03-CMYKcrop 05_JRN1-03-CMYKcrop 06_JRN1-03-CMYKcrop

via Aspen Comics