Image Comics sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of titles arriving in stores this week. Take the jump for a look at Invincible, It Girl and the Atomics, Mara, Mind the Gap, Revival, Witchblade, and more.

Invincible #103
Angstrom Levy returns.

invincible103_cover invincible103_p1 invincible103_p2 invincible103_p3 invincible103_p4 invincible103_p5 invincible103_p6

It Girl & The Atomics #11
The conclusion of a special two-parter brings It Girl face-to-face with an ancient evil, one now wielding unlimited power thanks to the technological secret stolen from Atomics HQ. It Girl’s got the Kid Commandoes on her side, but will they be enough? Featuring art by BETWEEN GEARS creator NATALIE NOURIGAT!

itgirl11_cover itgirl11_p1 itgirl11_p2 itgirl11_p3 itgirl11_p4 itgirl11_p5 itgirl11_p6

Mara #5 (of 6)
Everything’s on the table as far as the military’s position on Mara, but who’s the one with the nuclear option? How much power can one woman hold before the world says “enough”?

mara05_cover mara05_p1 mara05_p2 mara05_p3 mara05_p4 mara05_p5 mara05_p6

Mind The Gap #11
As the Hoodie revelation sinks in, lines are drawn in the sand, friendships are torn apart, and new mysteries come to light. Can what was said be the truth? Who is a pawn and who is a player? Meanwhile, Elle is finding her own mental world being overwhelmed now that her secret has come to light to the rest of the spirits in the Garden. But that’s not going to stop her from getting answers from someone who has betrayed her!

Special guest artist SAMI BASRI? (Voodoo, Power Girl) joins us for a thrilling two-part arc, as well as the amazing MICHAEL GAYDOS (Alias) killing it on alternate covers! With the first two volumes out, this is a great jumping on point! Join the mystery everyone is talking about!!

mindthegap11_covera mindthegap11_coverb mindthegap11_p1 mindthegap11_p2 mindthegap11_p3 mindthegap11_p4 mindthegap11_p5 mindthegap11_p6

Miniature Jesus #3 (of 5)
Chomsky, our recovering alcoholic, is about to find out that the constant barrage of screaming voices in his head are not ALL imaginary. Meanwhile, Jesus is facing an array of obstacles the average person walks over, but to him, being eight inches tall, they’re monoliths!

minijesus03_cover minijesus03_p1 minijesus03_p2 minijesus03_p3 minijesus03_p4 minijesus03_p5 minijesus03_p6

Revival #11
Dana and her father are in a race to save Ibrahaim from trigger happy retired militiaman. Em gets her hands dirty. Poor Tommy the Torso.

revival11_cover revival11_p1 revival11_p2 revival11_p3 revival11_p4 revival11_p5 revival11_p6

Witchblade #167
The bitter, former Witchblade bearer Katarina has transcended the Faerie realm, travelling to Chicago to intercept the fugitive murderer Toio Mulranny. And she’s going to get the Witchblade’s help to catch him, whether Sara Pezinni wants to or not.

witchblade167_covera witchblade167_coverb witchblade167_p1 witchblade167_p2 witchblade167_p3 witchblade167_p4 witchblade167_p5 witchblade167_p6

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