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In the comic book world, the script writing options have been limited to a time consuming word processor or an expensive screenwriting program that doesn’t fulfill all the specialized needs of comics. No longer. Soon, more affordable software, solely dedicated to the needs of the comic book and graphic novel writer, will unshackle the methods of the past. What is that software coming to save the day? It’s ComiXwriter™!

The idea for ComiXwriter™ came to Co-Founder Glenn Farrington, entrepreneur and working screenwriter, after a publisher greenlit his pitch for a graphic novel. He soon ran into the frustration everybody encounters. There’s no software that gives you the full ease of putting down structure and freeing you up for more important things like story. But he wanted ComiXwriter™ to do more than that. He wanted it to allow outlining, annotation, saving to a pdf and most importantly, give it the functionality of being able to collaborate with other vital members of the team –The Artist, Colorist and Letterer.

Bringing innovative ideas to market is nothing new to Glenn. He founded and built the business of Digital Seas International, putting internet cafes on every major cruise line in the world. To make ComiXwriter™ a reality, Glenn contacted long time friend and fellow entrepreneur, Steven Sashen. Steven had created the industry-standard word processing software for film and TV writers, Scriptware. After gathering research from professional writers in the comic book industry, they put together a programming team and started designing ComiXwriter™.

On Tuesday June 25th, 2013, the final funding of ComiXwriter™ will take place on Kickstarter. “Kickstarter, with its crowd funding model, has not only proven to help projects like ours cross a finish line, but it also makes them winners by creating international awareness”, says Glenn Farrington. The goal for ComiXwriter™ is simple…to become the industry-standard script writing software for comic books and graphic novels. That might sound like a lofty goal, but we’re not worried. At ComiXwriter™ LLC, we know your superpower is writing!

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