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  1. I voted for PS-4 because I think I with be getting one eventually, but it will most likely be at least a year or two after release before I get either.

  2. Looking at these results, I’m actually proud of the internet for once. After the ridiculously draconian measures that Microsoft has announced for used games with the new XBox, I’m glad to see their platform is trailing so markedly. Everyone says the move to the ‘always rent, never own’ model of digital property is inevitable, but it won’t be if people refuse to ‘buy’ products that they can’t own.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I looked at the results expecting to be disappointed in people giving away their rights without thinking but what I saw was heartening. Hopefully consumers will refuse to buy this the way they refused to buy DIVX DVD players back at the turn of the century.

  3. I would happily buy a PS4… if I had the spare scratch. I’m having a hard time justifying getting one of the newer handheld systems. But overall, the PS4 seems to have more offerings I care about & is much more consumer friendly.

  4. I think I’m going to be firmly in the PC wagon from here out. Neither of the systems are interesting me and I know I’m going to get a WiiU once one of two games comes out so. . .

  5. I am not a gamer, so will not be buying either. I have a PS3, for playing my Blu-Rays, and my wife has an X-Box. That will suffice.
    However, I’m guessing the PS4 will prove more popular, because X-Box’s anti-game-sharing plan is pretty damn annoying.

  6. I chose neither.
    Between the rumored crazy price-tags. The lack of backwards compatibility, and the way that the big three consoles have been more focussed on their shareholders than their customers in the last few years, i’m gonna try real hard to wash my hands of the consoles.
    May eventually cave in when/if prices drop, the baby diseases have been taken care of and theres an interesting collection of games out.

    For the forseeable future though. Gonna stick to my pc.

  7. I will go with a ps4 as I will also get a wii u as well for smash. Microsoft just alienates me and playing PC games remind me of work.

  8. Ryan 'Halite' King on

    Got a PS2, and a PS3 and I’ve enjoyed their continued use. I think some of the new features on PS4 look really great.

  9. I’ll be buying neither, at least for awhile. Microsoft’s continuing attempt to piss consumers off is maddening. If anything, I’m curious to see how each system performs and what problems, if any, they may have.

  10. I’d do PC gaming but I’d have to spend up to a grand to get a really good PC and I trade games in to buy new games so I went with the PS4 because Sony has the exclusives I want, will seemingly have the Indies I want, costs $399 and don’t have to be connected to internet in case it ever goes down.

  11. I’ve been out of the console sene since the N64. But now with my ageing PC I’m going to put the money into a PS4 instead and save upgrading the PC for three years from now.

  12. I’m an avid gamer so I originally thought that I would buy both systems eventually. I have both of the current generation systems, though I greatly prefer the Playstation. I do buy games for the 360, but generally only exclusives or games that I find really cheap. I much prefer the controller of the PS3 as well as the operating system in general, and while I understand the multiplayer gaming community is much better on the 360, I don’t play multiplayer games that often so I don’t really care that much.

    I had planned to buy the PS4 at launch and would have bought the XB1 eventually when I was sure any possible hardware problems were resolved and the price dropped. However, the information they’ve released about the XB1 has turned me off of the system, and I won’t be buying it unless they change their policies.

    I rarely buy used games and I try not to frequent stores like Gamestop that buy used games for pennies and resell them at inflated prices. I know most of the time I do buy used games, it’s only because I can’t find the game new–if I could, Gamestop wouldn’t even get the little money they get from me now. This being said, you’d probably think I would be willing to just shrug off their plans regarding used games but I just can’t

    There’s absolutely no reason why Microsoft or game publishers should have any involvement in the second-hand market. I’ve heard people say “but the game companies don’t make a cent off of used game sales!” Well, why should they? Authors, musicians, even comic book creators don’t get one red cent when you buy their products second hand. The movie companies don’t have a say in whether or not you can loan out your copy of your DVDs to your friends. Those companies made their money off of the initial sale. If they want to make more money, they re-release the product.

    Microsoft, though, plans to force their fingers right in the middle of that pie and claim a stake for themselves. Even if they’re not charging their own fees directly they’re getting involved where they have no right to. I think it’s disgusting; a clear cash grab and power play. That’s why they’ve lost my business.

  13. I don’t have the cash for either, but if I had the choice of getting one free it would be the PS4, cause Microsoft is shooting themselves in the foot with the limitations and how the CEO is saying if you don’t like the limitations, then stay with a 360. Ouch.

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