Vertigo title Fables has had a history of preproduction hell when it comes to adaptations for other medium. But now there’s hope. Not only are we getting a Fables video game from TellTale Games, but Warner Bros. finally has a writer/director/producer team put together for a film. Take the jump to find out who might finally put a Fables film together for us.

While no casting decisions have been made as of yet, we are getting Jeremy Slater, whose only real credit, the next Fantastic Four, hasn’t come out yet, as a writer. Our director is Nikolaj Arcel, whose mostly been credited with writing, though some good films are in that list, and he does have some directing credit. Our producing team does have some more promise, having been involved with Harry Potter, David Heyman and Jeffrey Clifford. So the production team, at least, has some promise. More importantly, a Fables film is finally in the works.


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