Amazing Spider-Man 2 is set to come out May 2 next year, opening the summer season and it sounds like villains galore in the film. So far we have Jamie Foxx as Electro, Paul Giamatti as the Rhino, and Chris Cooper as Norman Osborn. Now Comic Book Movie is reporting a few more rumors, which we’ll take a look at after the jump.

That is a side-by-side of Colm Feore and the character he is currently rumored to become, Adrian Toomes, the Vulture. I think this is a perfect fit, the two look alike already.
The other rumor, this one much more likely (people have seen him in costume) has Norman Osborn dawning the Goblin costume for the final fight of the film, perhaps setting up the fate of one Gwen Stacy. So, Chris Cooper will become the Green Goblin in the film.
That’s all the new information from now, but wait you say, you said Sinister Six up above. And I did, but we still have some filming to get through and introducing six new villains, or at least five we could still see the Lizard, would be rather difficult. After all, a large part of what happened to the previous series was too many villains in the final film. Setting up four villains is going to be a challenge, but if done correctly we could see something phenomenal.


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  1. This does not bode well. Not only are the vulture and the rhino two of spidey’s lamest villains, with the exception of Elektro, who is the lamest of the lame. I used to shudder whenever any of those villains made an apperance in the comics. The first movie franchise shot itself in the foot by abandoning a good story in favor of having three villains, which was two too many. They also set themselves up for failure by killing off Doc Ock in the second movie, whose been Spidey’s best villain over the decades! That would be just as stupid as if DC had killed of Lex Luthor on his first appearance!

    But SIX villains? It could work, if they built up to it, having each villain being defeated by Spidey in detail (in separate movies, mind you!) and then have the ultimate payoff being an eighth movie where the Sinister Six, their backstories and motives established in the earlier movies, gang up on Spidey. Like in the flipping comics! It sounds to me like the producers have decided to forego shooting themselves in the foot and are going straight for a self-inflicted head wound! I have my doubts that SONY can pull it off, which is a shame. But maybe if they kill off the franchise again, Marvel will get it back, which would be a good thing.

  2. Agreed. OP is smoking wacky weed if he thinks The Vulture and Rhino are lame spidey-villains. (oh wait, I just saw who the OP actually was, and yeah this trolly-type opinion from this person is no great shock.) The Vulture is more air-capable than spidey, and Rhino out-powers a pretty strong superhero. They’re already credible foes, just taking that into account. Now, on the other hand… Jamie Foxx as Elektro? …Interesting casting choice, I guess?

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