After a year or so of MS-QOTDs, I thought surely I had hit today’s query before, as it is one of the most revealing and repeated questions of our age, dating back to time immemorial (but only truly crystallizing in 1964.)  The age-old battle for the hearts and minds of the world, between movie star and farmer’s daughter, a battle waged every weekday after school when I was but a young lad.  Though I’m firmly a Maryann man myself (I also favor Betty Cooper, even though she’s more than a little bit nuts), it’s easy to see the appeal of the Marilyn Monroe archetype, and it’s not a decision that one can make lightly.  Since it is apparently long overdue, we now bring you our previously-scheduled query already in progress!

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) doesn’t want to be exclusive, so rather than asking “Ginger Or Maryann?”, it’s going to be more circumspect, asking: Boy/Girl Next Door or Glamour Boy/Girl?


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  1. It’s odd how much thought I put into this. And as I’m single atm(and have been for a while) whatever preference I think I have may be vastly different from how things turn out when a girl really makes my head turn.
    But Glamour girl. I like the dazzle, the mystery, the discomforting speedy thrill of the urban.
    I’m curious to hear from the people who’s already chosen their respective boy/girl.

  2. I tend to feel that the idea of the “Glamour-Boy/Girl” is a simplification of the person, and I believe in imagining people as they imagine themselves, complexly.
    I suppose that “Boy/Girl Next Door” does the same thing to some extent, yet given the choices that’s the one I would make. I’m more attracted to personality and shared interest than I am to appearances, I’m more likely to have something in common with the boy next door than I am with an attractive celebrity who I don’t know from Adam.

    Although, that’s not necessarily true either, and I think it’s a discredit to put people, even fictional people(Because what are fictional character but analogs of ourselves), into boxes where nobody really fits.

    So I guess, both? Neither? I don’t really know, but now you have my poorly worded opinion on the matter.

  3. Equal opportunity dissapointer, me.

    Why was Mrs. Howell left out though? Perhaps I prefer having affairs with married older, rich women.

  4. Skipper. I’m a teddy bear man. But seriously, love the girl next door. To me, the girl next door has more secrecy and mystique than the glamour girl. Plus she’s more likely to throw on nothing but one of your old tshirts and watch Star Wars with you. Followed by bangin.

  5. As much as I’d love to be a smart-alec and say “Both at the same time”, I won’t.

    I tend to be drawn to the GND type, but it is more about the type of person they are than it is the looks. It isn’t like all Glamour girls are all stuck up snobs or anything, but statistically it is the GND type that have the traits I find most desirable (sweet, friendly/helpful, funny and able to kick your @$$ if you try something they don’t want you to try).

    Plus the GND types are more forgiving (and even amused) that I’m a bit of a Gilligan.

  6. Mary Ann all the way. Ginger was about as hollow as Gilligan’s head. Who wants to saddle themselves with somebody who’s only wrapped up in themselves? Who, in the battle of day to day survival, is only concerned about chipping her nails? Mary Ann would not only have been a good companion, she was a very capable girl. But really, I felt so sorry for those girls. Look who they had to pick from. It’s no wonder that in seven years they never once hauled somebody off to bang boots in the bushes.

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