Lords of the Feywild

This episode of Critical Hit, A Major Spoilers Dungeons and Dragons Podcast: The Tempest Toad was just the beginning… of the end…

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  1. I seriously love how casually the party seems to now be about “the world is ending…again.” I almost wished Torq had responded “didn’t we just save that place?” I cannot wait to see what kind of crazy stuff the group will eventually get into in the Epic tier.

  2. stellarleader on

    I’m desperate to find out anything about Randus’ family at this point. It’s almost like Rodrigo doesn’t want the party to get where they are!

    And about the world ending (again)… less than 1 year to go through the Underdark to the Feydark to the Feywild?? Nop, I don’t think even the Torqletones can do it :(

  3. Save Randus’ folks, then head back saving Trelle’s folks on the way, then save Orem’s folks with the combined powers of the super friends.

  4. On next week’s episode, Ket’s cousin Larry sends a message that he desperately needs help moving furniture into his new 3rd floor apartment… including a sleeper couch! Nooooooooooooo

  5. Andrew Connolly on

    Hello team,

    I am relatively new to D&D as a whole (under a year) and very new to this amazing podcast, but despite only listening for a very short time you guys have been extremely helpful in improving my game play and even more giving me the confidence needed to start taking a turn running my own game.
    Here is my question, I would like to support the pod, but as I work on commission (get my money in inconsistent chunks). I would rather make 1 lump sum contribution instead of signing up for the smaller monthly fee. Is there a way to do that, I don’t see it on the site.
    Keep up the good work, and thank you,


  6. Painful episode to listen to. Torqueltones’ brains are not working.
    Ship the iron to Diamond Throne! Yes! of course! Ship coal to New Castle! But wait! Oh noes! The time to ship is too long! How much does a ton of iron cost anyway? 100g? Your phone bills are higher than that.
    Think, think, think.

  7. XantharTheFlame on

    Hi all,

    Re-listening to the entire story again (taking months!!) I got to this point and I’m feeling the same level of frustration I did the first time I listened back when it was first published. The iron that Stagzy ordered came from Diamond Throne & Sundries in the first place, and the Torqueltones need to go toward there to get to the Underdark anyway, so why not forgot the ore they originally ordered, and go buy some more somewhere along the way through Diamond Throne & Sundries!! Argh. Wasting time! You only have less than a year! And remember the Shaman said that it was 1 year until continents start breaking apart — it will still be bad for people before that.

    My two cents, way too late to matter anyway. ;-)


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