Greetings Critical Hit fans! Today we continue our exploration of the Seven Clans Total Control Area by looking at the new clans. We will also spend some time discussing the major cities of The Great and Mighty Tribe as well as current events.

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most of the so-called “New Clans” coalesced during the war of talons, so they are little under a century old.

CHCC7Cturtles1The Bronze-Turtle Advocates

Totem: Turtle

One of the more successful new clans, The Bronze-Turtle Advocates, have quickly carved a niche for themselves in The Seven Clans by embracing and developing new technologies. Whereas alchemists, engineers and artificers have traditionally been treated poorly by other clans, Turtle’s children welcome them with open arms.

But this clan’s agenda is not just technological but cultural as well, they fund sculptors, painters, dancers and musicians to create new songs lauding The Great and Mighty Tribe. These, in turn have made it out of the tribelands, carried by bards and collectors, fostering goodwill for the Seven Clans across the whole of the Central Continent.

Members: Bronze-Turtles can be dam builders, alchemists or merchants. There are even arcane practitioners within the clan, wizards, artificers and bards. A policy that does not endear this lodge to the other, more traditional ones. Unsurprisingly, warriors and generals often find their advancement as slow as their patron’s gait. This clan has little use for battle and as such, martially inclined members can really only aspire to be bodyguards and peace officers.

Bright Ones: The Spirit Touched of this clan are wildly controversial, often mixing arcane might with the more traditional primal powers. This often makes other tribespeople uncomfortable, but the feats that these druid-bards and alchemist-barbarians accomplish cannot be denied.

CHCC7CliltingThe Lilting House of Stories

Totem: Meadowlark

The Lilting House of Stories is a strange phenomenon among The Great and Mighty Tribe; although other lodges might focus on defense, or diplomacy, none of them explicitly focus on peace. But that is the focus of the Children of Meadowlark. As one of the youngest clans many of their peers dismiss this as a youthful and idealistic goal (an interesting view, since the elders of the clan are as old as those of the other clans). For a relatively young clan their command of spirit magic is very strong, and they have managed to carve a niche for themselves with the less ferocious spirits of the land.

Aside from their take on war, the children of Meadowlark have created some of the more acclaimed poems and stories of the modern age. Indeed, it is this ease with creative endeavours that nets the clan most of its coin and influence.

Members: The children of Meadowlark are “big-picture pacifists”, that is to say, they believe that a lasting, worldwide peace is possible. That said, they still have some warriors among their number; after all a peaceful outlook doesn’t mean one will not be attacked. The elders of the Lilting House of Stories are well versed in the Litany, and as such are fond of quoting passages promoting peace, especially if they are written by the progenitors of other clans.

Bright Ones: There is no denying that channelers of primal power have the potential for great destruction. As such the elders of the clan try to teach their children a great respect for life and for peace. Bird spirits are common aides to the bright ones of this clan, but other ‘prey’ spirits like deer and squirrels can be powerful allies as well.

CHCC7Chatchery1The Hatchery of Dream-Spiders

Totem: Orb Weaver

The oracles of the Lodge of Howling are not the only scapulomancers and soothsayers in the Seven Clans. In recent years The Hatchery of Dream-Spiders has come into prominence as well. This clan puts a lot of emphasis on the future, but unlike others they do not look for omens of war or drought, their focus is economic trends. The peace that followed the War of Talons allowed this clan to hone their abilities in this way. Indeed, After the loss of Kyug in the Lunar Event, economic collapse seemed almost certain, but many point to the actions of Orb Weaver’s children as the stabilizing factor.

Members: As is to be expected the clan relies heavily on omen-readers and soothsayers, but the day-to-day operations of the clan are similar to those of any other. Orb Weaver’s children often rely on charm and diplomacy to get other clans to accede to their plans. Perhaps the most striking feature of this house’s members is the dichotomy between their futurists and the rest of the clan. A Dream-Spider might be a strange bedraggled hermit obsessed with the strands of hair on a bumblebee or a well-dressed youth diligently writing down the hermit’s mutterings for interpretation.

Bright Ones: Although the clan emphasizes economic growth, the bright ones that it produces are rarely in the forefront. Their potential for prophetic visions, compounded with their preference for spider and insect spirit totems makes them somewhat unnerving. Exceptions are not completely out, though, and the odd, gregarious druid is seen from time to time.

CHCC7CBlooded1The Blooded Hunters

Totem: Boar

In a sense The Blooded Hunters are the youngest and oldest of the new clans. Originally an old, lesser clan known as the Earthen Folk under the auspice of Tapir, their shamans claim that Boar appeared to them and told them to reform as a new clan (absorbing a couple of other lesser clans in the process). While many tribespeople are happy to see a clan advised by Boar again, many elders are leery. The transformation from Earthen Folk to Blooded Hunters was fast, the clan’s philosophy and tactics changed drastically and the surge of Bright Ones within the clan show that there is clearly something supernatural at work.

Aside from those concerns, though, The Great and Mighty Tribe does not complain too much about Boar’s new children, their grasp of tradition is strong, their martial skills are sound and their battle tactics honorable.

Members: Blooded Hunters burn with passion. From youngest child to eldest sage they are a clan consumed with a drive to accomplish bigger and better things. This is often expressed as a desire for warfare. Peace has been long and prosperous, but the Hunters recognize that each clan could benefit from war, and they are very convincing.

Bright Ones: This clan (as such) does not have a very deep culture for its bright ones, instead they often make the choice to incorporate back into the clan, forming a much more versatile and informed organization. Obviously boar, warthog and pecari spirits are often called upon by this house’s spirit-touched.


Krakendish (Destroyed)- A trade hub for much of the continent Krakendish’s destruction CHCC7Cinsert1in the Lunar Event deeply damaged the Seven Clans’ economy. Although there is much talk of reconstruction, the Lodge of Howling is now considering other uses for the crater that was once Krakendish.

Kyug– Krakendish was not the only city in the Tribelands to be damaged by the Lunar Event, but whereas Krakendish was leveled, most of Kyug survived. In fact this city has become a hub for those that want to hunt down the lunar creatures that have appeared on the continent.

Grofmwar– The Base of operations of the Bronze-Turtle Advocates, Grofmwar is almost unrecognizable as a Seven Clans city, full of strange automatons and even stranger spirits the city is simultaneously frightening and exciting for most tribespeople.

Mem Fendyen– The City at the Edge of the Woods, Mem Fendyen’s lands cut ever so slightly into the Everdeep forest. This city has become very important to the Walking Devil-Bears, as it represents a good base to launch diplomatic and trade missions into the Freelands, Sage Coast and the Elven Bands of the Everdeep.

Ulferreach– A city at the base of a plateau, the area is very important to the elves of the central continent, and as such there is plenty of opportunity for trade.

The Mootlands– The Seven Clans’ spiritual center and the closest thing to a capital city, The Mootlands is supposedly the place where The Litany was written and the place where the Seven Clans first decided to band together. Many see the fact that it was completely untouched by the Lunar Event as a positive sign from the spirits. Others, especially those who know about Coastfall, see it as a lucky break.


Things are changing for the Seven Clans, and not everyone is taking it in stride. The Lunar Event and the appearance of lunar monsters may be scratching the itch of the more war-like tribespeople, but that is a temporary fix at best. As new clans have come into prominence the country begins to be pulled in different directions, some clans want progress, others security, others a return to tradition, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to have it all.

I hope you enjoyed this look at one of the major cultures on the central continent. Next time we will discuss Diamond Throne and Sundrie Lands.

Art by Rodrigo Lopez



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  1. Wow this is just amazing level of detail!! I just read all 4 that you have put out and my mind is blown!!! I don’t know how I missed the first 3 when they where posted, but I’m so happy that I caught this!!! I don’t even know what to say!!! So amazing, detailed, well thought out, just fantastic!!! I’ve listened to critical hit since the beginning I don’t know if I’ve ever been as blown away at the level of detail!!!! The ONLY thing I can think that could have made this better, is a map, any chance there is going to be a part 5 which includes a map of the area (I’m a big sucker for a good map). The only thing I can think to say is thank you for this, and all the hard work you do on one of my favorite shows out there.

  2. This stuff you´ve been putting out is amazing, Rodrigo! Im a GM with about 15 years of experience and several systems myself, so i know how much blood, swet and tears these things take sometimes. Its very interesting to see how other GM handle and think their campaign background stuff. Keep up the good work!

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