MOVIES: World of Warcraft movie moving forward


A long time ago…

The word on the street was that Spider-Man director, Sam Raimi was going to direct a World of Warcraft movie.  Then he wasn’t.  Then Duncan Jones was announced as the director, and since January announcement, we’ve heard nothing.

Until now…

Now we learn that producer Charles Roven plans to put the epic MMORPG flick before the lens in the first quarter of 2014.

That is at least something.  Even though we don’t know what the story is about or when it will be released (estimates are 2015), this tidbit of information should give fans of the game enough to chew on for the next couple of months.  Comic Con International hasn’t released the programming schedule for the San Diego convention, but it wouldn’t surprise me if we learned more about the flick then.

via /FILM