When DC Comics announced it was going day and date with the titles, they also announced that they would drop the price of the digital versions one month after release.  Today, that policy has changed.

According to a post from comiXology’s twitter feed, DC Comics has now pushed the price drop to 8 weeks aver initial release.  The digital distributor was quick to point out that it is the publisher that set these new terms and prices.


This is an interesting twist to the digital comics world, as I know many readers who were fine waiting a month to get a title just so they could get it at a discounted price.  I wonder if those same readers are going to be satisfied waiting an extra month?

From a company stand point this is only good business as it ensures that they (meaning DC Comics) get a larger share of the digital comics pie for a longer period of time.  it also keeps brick and mortar’s at bay as the shelf life for back issues can continue past the one month mark.

via comiXology


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  1. Ryan 'Halite' King on

    Mildly annoying, but more importantly can I get any kind of price drop on the older than 2 year comics? If people sell some of these in print they go for less than a dollar, yet I’m expected to pay $1.99 for something I can’t trade/sell, and per issue is even less in a trade… or forbid a used trade. When $5 buys me Justice Leauge trade at a book store, why am I going to buy only 2 issues digitally?

  2. Wilson Sotomayor on

    Going back on their word again like “Drawing the line at 2.99”. Its okay I don’t buy DC anymore anyway. The quality of their writing and storylines have sucked since “The New 52”.

  3. It’s a little annoying, but it doesn’t bother me too much in light of Marvel’s presence on Comixology, where nearly all of their digital books are 3.99 and seem to take nearly a year to drop a buck; add to that that you can’t even really get a complete X-Men story without purchasing all of the companion books. I know it’s really nothing new, but man, if you get behind a few months it really takes a toll on your wallet. I’m tempted to just start waiting for the trades again, but Marvel’s (At least the All New X-Men ones) are still 20 bucks, even digitally, which is the exact same price as buying all the issues independently.

  4. I was good with paying $1.99 for the DC comics I wanted a month later, but 2 months is just long enough for me to lose interest. As I was on the fence about buying these comics digitally to begin with, this move has pushed me over the edge into the “that’s too long and/or too much” category. Guess it is all indy titles for me from now on!

  5. I am not surprised. Business is business, and I see this move only helping the comic shops. I live in the middle of nowhere, so hard copies are non-existent. I got back into comics due to the digital offering. I do not want to see comic shops suffer…if I had one, I’d be there to pick up my folder every week. Let’s face it…I collect digital comics for the storage aspect, as well. I don’t have the store to buy from or the storage for the books either. I only read DC and follow numerous podcasts that only fuel the fire. I enjoyed the price drop each month as I follow Batman, Batgirl, Nightwing….but business is business. The decisions they make are for the better good of the comic industry, be it readers, shops, etc. If we have no books…where are we? Will I pay the higher price to get the book I’m following? The answer is YES…for the books I follow and think are worth following. The rest…I’ll wait. They’ll see the number drop. As far as DC’s decision…not surprised, God bless them, and I hope they continue to produce the outstanding material they have since the relaunch. Business is business, and they have mine…but it is my ultimate decision to buy or not.

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