SNEAK PEEK: Monkeybrain Comics for June 05, 2013


Monkeybrain Comics sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Red Light Properties: Under the Miami Moon, and Artful Daggers #4 that arrive in digital form this week!

Red Light Properties: Under the Miami Moon
$.99 – Ages 15+

Dan Goldman, Writer/Artist

Closing down their exorcist/realty office at the end of a particularly rough day, the Red Light Properties team go home to their separate lives and their separate demons. Much drinking ensues. Also ghosts.

RLP-Under-the-Miami-Moon-ENG-2 RLP-Under-the-Miami-Moon-ENG-1 RLP-Under-the-Miami-Moon-ENG-3 RLP-Under-the-Miami-Moon-ENG-4 RLP-Under-the-Miami-Moon-ENG-5

Artful Daggers  #4
$.99 – Ages 15+

Adam P. Knave & Sean E. Williams, Writers
Andrew Losq, Artist
Frank Cvetkovic, Letters

Colin takes on a tricky meeting with First of Cornwall, while Arden learns to watch her back – no matter where she’s standing. Plus the start of a new back-up story, expanding the ARTFUL DAGGERS universe!

Artful_Daggers_04-1 Artful_Daggers_04-2 Artful_Daggers_04-3 Artful_Daggers_04-4 Artful_Daggers_04-5

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