There will be a fifth installment of the Disney cash-cow franchise known as Pirates of the Caribbean and it will have two directors. Find out who they are after the jump.

Announced yesterday, Pirates of the Caribbean 5 will be co-directed by Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg. If you have heard of the pair it will most likely have been from the Best Foreign Language Oscar nominated Kon-Tiki, their dramatization of Thor Heyerdal’s epic raft-crossing of the Pacific in 1947.

Directing a blockbuster franchise like Pirates will be a change for the pair and is an interesting choice from Disney. Of course, On Stranger Tides was considered the lesser of all the Pirates films and still made over 1 billion dollars so from a business standpoint it most likely doesn’t even matter who directs this installment.

The script is currently undergoing rewrites with the directing duo set to begin production work by the end of the year.

via Total Film

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