Dynamite Entertainment sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of titles arriving in stores this week. Take the jump for an early look at The Shadow: Year One #3, Jennifer Blood: First Blood #5, Warlord of Mars #25, Red Sonja #76, Green Hornet: Legacy #37, and more.

Matt Wagner (w)
Wilfredo Torres (a)
Matt Wagner, Alex Ross, Chris Samnee, Howard Chaykin (c)
Fans & retailers, order the cover of your choice!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+
Bear witness to the first time that The Shadow ever donned his costume in action! When mobsters meet in secret at a meatpacking warehouse, they become the unfortunate first criminals to see the Master of Men’s unsettling form. Will any survive the ensuing carnage to warn their master? Plus, Margo Lane and the debut of The Shadow’s ultimate nemesis!
Matt Wagner “virgin art” retailer incentive cover
Hand-drawn sketch retailer incentive cover
Matt Wagner hand-drawn sketch retailer incentive cover

ShadowYO03-1 ShadowYO03-2 ShadowYO03-3 ShadowYO03-4 ShadowYO03-5 ShadowYO03-Cov-Chaykin ShadowYO03-Cov-Ross ShadowYO03-Cov-Samnee ShadowYO03-Cov-WagnerTop

Written by Mike Carroll
Art by Igor Vitorino
Cover by Mike Mayhew
32 pages FC • $3.99 • Mature
For twelve years, Jessica Blute has successfully hidden her blood-drenched past, but deep down she has always known that her new life as Jennifer Fellows was at best a temporary fix. Now, caught spying on Wendell Cortland by his henchman Rudy Hooper, Jen is forced to take action, finally setting in motion a chain of events that will change her life forever… … and God help anyone who gets in her way.

FirstBlood05-1 FirstBlood05-2 FirstBlood05-3 FirstBlood05-4 FirstBlood05-5 FirstBlood05-Cov-Mayhew

Covers by JOE JUSKO (50%), LUCIO PARRILLO (50%)
32 pages FC • $3.99 • Mature
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• PARRILLO “virgin art” cover retailer incentive
• RISQUÉ ART cover retailer incentive
It’s Judgment Day on Mars. Everything John Carter has achieved has lead him to this final confrontation with the cruel tyrant of the Martian north. But he’s going to be so busy commanding his army that he’s not going to be able to rescue Dejah Thoris this time – she’s going to have to rescue herself! And even if Carter is victorious, he
has upset the ancient religion of Mars and smashed the red planet’s eons-old customs. What will be his reward? The epic battle to unite all of Mars awaits you in Warlord of Mars #25: The Final Reward!

Warlord25-cov-Jusko Warlord25-cov-Parrillo WoM25-1 WoM25-2 WoM25-3 WoM25-4 WoM25-5

Written by Brandon Jerwa
Art by Sergio Fernandez Davila
Cover by Lucio Parrillo
32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +
The Crimson Well” (part 1 of 6) – The She-Devil has been suspiciously absent for nearly a full season. There are many rumors and tall tales surrounding her disappearance, but the truth of the matter is far more outlandish, and terrifying, than any tavern story. Following the PROPHECY event, Red Sonja has placed herself in exile, desperately hoping to protect the world from the demonic influence that threatens to consume her very soul.

RS76-1 RS76-2 RS76-3 RS76-4 RS76-5 RS76-cov-Parrillo-4SolicitsAndPreviews

Jai Nitz (w)
Jethro Morales (a)
Stephen Sadowski (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+
The worst blizzard in fifty years has Century City snowed in. Little food, no power, and deadly weather would be bad enough for the scared citizens, but an army of undead creatures stalking the streets makes things worse. Can the emerald insect save the city when he’s a dead man himself? Can the Green Hornet rise again, or will he be dragged back into the grave? Undead action by Jai Nitz and Jethro Morales!

GH37-1 GH37-2 GH37-3 GH37-4 GH37-5 GHLegacy37-Cov-Sadowski

Marc Andreyko (w)
Patrick Berkenkotter, Jose Malaga (a)
Fabiano Neves (c)
FC • 112 pages • $19.99
For the first time ever, two of the most iconic vampires in pop culture – Vampirella and Barnabas Collins – meet in a blood-curdling thriller! Can these very different vampire heroes set aside their distrust to together bring down the notorious Big Apple Butcher, or will their bloodthirsty natures destroy them before the killer strikes
again? And who — or what — is pulling the strings of the Butcher? The answer is an evil older than Barnabas and Vampi combined! Featuring appearances by Quentin Collins and Pantha, Dark Shadows / Vampirella collects all five issues by acclaimed writer Marc Andreyko and artists Patrick Berkenkotter and Jose Malaga.

DSVampTpb-Cover DSVampTpb-Prev_Page_006 DSVampTpb-Prev_Page_007 DSVampTpb-Prev_Page_008 DSVampTpb-Prev_Page_009 DSVampTpb-Prev_Page_010 DSVampTpb-Prev_Page_011 DSVampTpb-Prev_Page_012 DSVampTpb-Prev_Page_013 DSVampTpb-Prev_Page_014 DSVampTpb-Prev_Page_015 DSVampTpb-Prev_Page_016 DSVampTpb-Prev_Page_017

Ande Parks (w)
Ronan Cliquet, Igor Vitorino (a)
Phil Hester (c)
FC • 160 pages • $19.99 • Teen+
The legacies of their fathers may still cast long shadows, but the new Green Hornet and Kato have come into their own in Century City. The young heroes are busy putting away the last of the city’s criminal gangs, but they haven’t planned on a new threat — the city itself! The “Outcast” arc sees a new power rising in Century City. A bureaucrat has seized control of the entire city, and to cement his position, he enlists the help of a killer who wears the Green Hornetcostume. Now, Britt Reid, Jr. must fight for his life, and for his father’s legacy.
Collecting issues #22-27 of the Green Hornet series, plus all covers.

GHv5TP_Page_006 GHv5TP_Page_007 GHv5TP_Page_008 GHv5TP_Page_009 GHv5TP_Page_010 GHv5TP_Page_011 GHv5TP_Page_012 GHv5TP_Page_013 GHv5TP_Page_014 GHv5TP_Page_015 GHv5TP_Page_016 GHv5TP_Page_017 GHv5TP-Cover

Luke Lieberman (w)
Max Dunbar (a)
Lucio Parrillo (c)
FC • 96 pages • $16.99
At the cursed hand of the sorcerer Thulsa Doom, Atlantis sank beneath the waves many eons ago. Now that same evil hand summons it back from the depths, to enact vengeance against the entire world. Only Red Sonja can protect Hyborea from the power of Atlantis… but who will protect Atlantis from the power of Thulsa Doom Kingdoms will fall and the oceans will spill over the earth! Atlantis Rises collects the entire four-issue miniseries, plus all the gorgeous cover artwork by Lucio Parillo.

RSAtlTP-Cover RSAtlTP-Prev_Page_04 RSAtlTP-Prev_Page_05 RSAtlTP-Prev_Page_06 RSAtlTP-Prev_Page_07 RSAtlTP-Prev_Page_08 RSAtlTP-Prev_Page_09 RSAtlTP-Prev_Page_10 RSAtlTP-Prev_Page_11 RSAtlTP-Prev_Page_12 RSAtlTP-Prev_Page_13 RSAtlTP-Prev_Page_14 RSAtlTP-Prev_Page_15

via Dynamite Entertainment

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