Rob Guillory and John Layman have started the tradition of releasing special variant cover editions of Chew issues during the San Diego Comic-Con and the cover for this year’s variant has just been revealed. Take the jump for the Kill Bill cover for Chew #35.

With this, Rob Guillory has created his second Quentin Tarantino homage cover with the first being for issue #13 replicating Pulp Fiction. Issue #35 will be titled “Destroy Savoy” and when combined with the great take of the poster creates a fantastic homage cover that while certainly go fast at the convention this summer.

Chew-KillBill Variant

via CBR


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  1. kathy czarnecki on

    I love Chew, currently it is the only comic I read regularly. At comic con when you fork over $40 bucks for a chog and a variant I don’t think Rob should be such a crab about doing a 10 second sketch. Get your coffee a little earlier.

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