The abilities have been halved, we are now down to the Top 4, and we are only getting today to go out and vote down to the top 2, so let’s just get over there and get it done. We do still have the cards and the current bracket after the jump.


So, I’m at the point of rooting for Blood in the Watering Can as it seems the most likely to be done without completely breaking it or making it virtually unplayable.

ymtc_C7Also, apparently a bit on controversy happened with one of the cards. Eldritch Rites actually won the vote, but “the creator of . . . rules text submissions violated the terms of the process and the submission had to be disqualified.” Which is a bit of a bummer, but if you can’t follow the rules bad stuff happens.


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  1. I voted Demonic Bargain and Consuming Contract because they seemed so thematic to me. They might be unplayable but they are bursting with flavour.

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