It is no secret that I have a profound pseudo-crush on Victoria, the most lovely ex-girlfriend of ultra-douchey Ted Mosby on the sitcom ‘How I Met Your Mother.’  My adoration of the character/actress aside, I have always enjoyed the adventures of young Ted finding his way in the world, making mistakes and spouting half-educated psycho-sexual theories on THE ONE and how to find her.  Although the series has literally NO clue about realities of love or married life, I still enjoy watching the characters bumbling around, being funny and awesome in spite of their crippling personality flaws.  That said, the beginning of Season 8 damaged the Ted character beyond repair for me, as the man who supposedly believes in love and honor above all stole another guy’s girl ON THEIR WEDDING DAY.  Yes, Victoria is amazing, and sure, he’s had a lot of jerkass moments before, but after spending 8 years pontificating about finding your true love (as well as getting left at the altar himself), the hypocrisy of Ted’s actions were a solid shark-jumping moment in a series known for it’s potential S-J-Ms.

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) also hasn’t forgiven Iron Man for the entirety of 2006, no matter how good his movies are, asking: What’s the most unforgivable decision made by a fictional character that you otherwise love?


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  1. Wait, you mean BESIDES Pete making a deal with Mephisto? I haven’t picked up a Spidey book since, and probably never will again. I know it’s ridiculous at this point, but I’ve noticed that now I’m unconsciously avoiding books he even makes an appearance in.

    Yeah yeah….I know…

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