I admit it: I’m reticent to accept new versions of properties that I’ve enjoyed in the past.  As any fan-child (or, to be fair, any human) does, it’s hard to see them make changes that could invalidate or disrespect that which I loved.  While I may never forgive DC for the Archie-legion reboots of Tenzil Kem and Chuck Taine, even I admit that sometimes it’s for the best.  Sure, Spider-Man’s new brain is scary, as is Jim Kirk’s new actor and Superman’s now-missing crimson boxer-briefs, but the audiences have responded positively to these changes, and have responded with additional money spent.  In short, we’ve trained the producers of our media to know that they can move extra units if their next big thing is a version of a past big thing (even if in name only.)  Still, sometimes I like to try to transcend my base human nature and take a positive look at what good might come of this trend…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is waiting for the new version of the new version of ‘Ocean’s Eleven,’ asking: Given that the cycle of relaunches, revamps, reimaginings and reworkings will certainly continue, what property do you most WANT to see get remade?


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  1. Highlander. Would love to see better writing (perspectives from outside our brief lives) and amazing choreography that at least comes closer to what several hundred years of living by the sword would look like. And no planet Zeist.

    • There is/was a Highlander remake in the works that at one time had Ryan Reynolds attached to play Connor. Not sure if it has gotten back on track yet or not.

      But I do agree that Zeist was just awful. I couldn’t even watch the re-cut of Highlander 2 because it still left a mark on the movie even though it was edited out.

    • Man, ya’ll had to bring up that.

      At one point, the reboot had Zac Effron, or some tween idol, and they were reworking it to be more like Twilight. Less swordfighting, more romance.

      As for Highlander 2, the making of the film is pretty interesting. They went over budget and the insurance company had took over control of the film. Rewrote everything and edited it. There was no planet Zeist in the original draft.

  2. Silly as it sounds, I’d love to see a Mork & Mindy remake done in a similar way to the first two Addams Family movies. With the special effects available today, they could touch up some of Mork’s old tricks (and I do mean touch up, not completely replace them with a new CGI style) and throw in a few other aliens. They could even get Robin Williams to play a role, such as “newborn” Mork (since Orkans age backwards) or maybe even Orson or Exidor.

  3. Captain Planet and the Planeteers. Live action. Make it a pseudo-sequel to the cartoon and some deeper plots, it could work during network prime time. Although I guess since its owned by Ted Turner, it’d have to be on TBS.

  4. I would love to see Doc Savage get remade without camp and horrible, horrible meddling from the suits. For that matter, a remake of the Phantom, the Shadow, and CERTAINLY the crime against fiction that is the Green Hornet, would also be really cool. Those are all great characters from a really cool era, and they are all (other than the Shadow, arguably) marred by really awful movie interpretations. It should be pretty easy to go up from here.

  5. This one’s easy for me assuming I can pick two. It will also date me. First is The Greatest American Hero. We are overdue for a good superhero comedy. The second is Buck Rodgers bede bede. I want to see a fun action serial with no real deep story arcs. Let’s just have it all wrapped up in under 60 minutes.

    • I was looking forward to the Buck Rogers project that James Cawley (of the “Star Trek: Phase II/Star Trek: New Voyages” fan series) was going to be doing, but apparently that project died. Shame since they went through the trouble to secure the rights this time instead of making another fan series.

      Hopefully whoever eventually picks it up will do it justice and not try retooling it beyond recognition.

    • I don’t. They really do, but they need a REAL reboot, one that actually fixes the problems with their universe and their books, rather than just recycling/compounding the worst the problems with modern comics.

  6. Oldcomicfan on

    I’d like to see Star Trek Nemesis remade, or at least re-edited, with B4 removed and Data’s sacrifice not being cheapened by the final scene. That movie should have ended ten minutes earlier. I’d like to see the Wizard of Oz remade, keeping to the original story, and with age appropriate actors, instead of a 17 year old playing the seven year old Dorothy, and with no songs and dancing. Most of all, I’d like to see 2010 remade and this time stick to the original story, which was much better than the movie script.

  7. I’m gonna go really silly here, but they were awesome. Buckaroo Bonzai is the second and ReBoot is the top. Reboot prolly had one of my favorite premises as a kid and it could still be viable to young people today.

  8. Robocop is a reboot I have been waiting for and is actually being remade. Such a great franchise with lots of promise. Plus, the reboot could help wash out the taste of that utterly horrible 3rd movie and lame-ass TV series.

  9. I think the time has come for a Blake’s 7 reboot, the show always had a dark cynical thread with modern production values and a good cast it could really be great.

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