Guillermo del Toro’s next film, Pacific Rim, is just around the corner (or a couple months out yet) and I know I’m seeing it as soon as I can. If you are still unsure though, the new trailer, which is just beyond the jump, gives some more to the story and should convince you that you want to watch it.


I don’t see how this movie could show any more promise than it already does. Why isn’t it July yet?


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  1. The world is in danger let’s call in a biker gang leaders to pilot our huge mecha

    I love how 2 of the 4 leads are both in sons of anarchy

  2. It’s called a gimick. Give you ten to one that the pilots have to be in perfect sync for the thing to work, and at the height of the crisis they will have a falling out and thus nearly lose the battle and then they’ll kiss and make up and win the day. And at least the robots don’t have eyeballs on their fingers.

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