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  1. …and I liked it!
    This was very fun and I can’t wait to see more.
    Plus, Yay Wonder Woman! This title has been extremely successful because it has not crossed over with any of the other titles. Even the Batwoman crossover was just using the Wonder Woman character in a manner consistent with her main title but not interfering with any of the main plot lines.
    Seriously, good stuff.

  2. Ryan 'Halite' King on

    Didn’t really notice that issue with Batgirl, since it was the huge reveal of the last issue. In fact, Gordon already gave the indication that he was going after Batgirl. I think DC’s insistence in not having a recap page lessens the quality of some issues.

    I also have been so blown away by Wonder Woman. I think some of the best stuff is that she now has a great cast of secondary characters!

    • Totally agree, most of the bad reactions came from not knowing context (BoP, Bat Girl, Super Girl) and the good reviews came from knowing context (WW).

      DC really does need to add a recap page. It is one of the big reasons I come back to Marvel titles randomly because I instantly know context in case I had dropped it for a bit.

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