Bluewater Productions sent us a sneak peek of titles arriving in stores and in digital format today.

Ruth and Freddy #1
Writer: Darren G. Davis & Bobby Breed
Artist: Taylan Kurtulus

Follow the high stakes adventures of rambunctious, wise-cracking grandparents Ruth and Freddy as they strive to understand why they’ve been brought back as zombies from the afterlife to save those they love from a global plague that threatens to engulf humanity when a cruel game of the Gods opens the gates of the underworld and the dead are unleashed upon the living to wreak havoc! A spin-off from the popular “Nanny & Hank” series.

RuthFreddyC RUTHFREDDYB RUTHFREDDYA Ruthfreddy-0 Ruthfreddy-1 Ruthfreddy-2 Ruthfreddy-3 Ruthfreddy-4 Ruthfreddy-5

Vincent Price: Tales from the Darkness #3
In print and digital
Writer: CW Cooke
Artist: Silvo db

In Shadows: In this twisted tale, a young woman must face her fears and her worst nightmares before time runs out. Enjoy this horrifying trip into her psyche with incredible Story and Art by rising stars!

VincentPrice3-1 VincentPrice3-2 VincentPrice3-3 VincentPrice3-4 VincentPrice3-5 VTT3

Vincent Price: Tinglers #1
Writer: Mark L. Miller
Artist: Alex Lopez

In this SPECIAL 2-PART SERIES, the direct sequel to the Vincent Price classic THE TINGLER, Dr. Chapin and his crew search for a primitive tribe with ties to the elusive creature spawned from fear with a grip like iron. But what they find in the dark jungle gives new meaning to the word terror!

VINCENTPRICETINGLERS1 VP_Tingers_001_001 VP_Tingers_001_002 VP_Tingers_001_003 VP_Tingers_001_004 VP_Tingers_001_005

Comics: Lucille Ball
Writer: Jaymes Reed
Artist: Patricio Carbajal

Lucille Ball is the subject of this issue of “COMICS,” a biography series about stand-ups, sitcom stars, and comedians who have made a huge impact on popular culture. To celebrate Lucy’s 100th birthday, Bluewater Productions takes a look at her amazing life, from her humble beginnings in Jamestown, NY, to her reign as the undisputed Queen of Comedy.

ComicsLucy1 LucyPage-05 LucyPage-08 LucyPage-10 LucyPage-11 LucyPage-20

FAME: Robert Pattinson
In print & digital
Writer: Kimberly Sherman
Artist: Nathaniel Ooten

Though his star meter skyrocketed with the global sensation, “Twilight,” Robert Pattinson’s ability and dedication to acting has him poised for lasting success beyond the series of vampire flicks. Unlike a simple chronological biography, this FAME book uses an ambrosial, sensory approach to deconstruct each of Robert Pattinson’s roles.

FamePattinson3 PATTINSONPage-10 PATTINSONPage-13 PATTINSONPage-18-19 PATTINSONPage-20

Insane Jane #2
Writer: Zach Hunchar
Artist: Mendoza

A daring bank robbery. A partnership in ruins. Concerned parents. A pusher on both sides of the law. Stunning revelations. Arson. Treachery. Betrayal. Soft drinks. The adversary revealed. New powers. Innocence lost. Find out if any of these things have something to do with issue number two of “Insane Jane”.

Insane2_pg13_FINAL Insane2_pg14_FINAL Insane2_pg15_FINAL Insane2_pg16_FINAL Insane2_pg17_FINAL InsaneJane0 InsaneJaneVolume1Issue2

Quatermain #0 – FREE DIGITAL ISSUE!
Writer: Clay and Susan Griffith
Artist: Patricio Carbajal

This special issue has never before seen images and character designs. Based off one of the most famous literary adventurers of all time, Allan Quatermain.

QUATERMAIN0 Quatermainpage01 quartermain0403 quartermain0404 Q03page13NFQUATERMAIN0 Q03page13NF quartermain0403 quartermain0404 Quatermainpage01

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