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Jealousy’s a monster in the one-shot, psychological thriller The Envy, from Erica (Chronographer) Heflin, in June’s Previews, Diamond’s comic book pre-order catalog, under Aazurn Publishing.

Young Danielle’s world is forever shattered by David’s beautiful and exotic new girlfriend. When men fall for her charms and Danielle’s BFF becomes ill, she begins to wonder if there is something evil — even monstrous — going on.

“We love done-in-one stories and The Envy is part of our new Indie Comics Magazine Presents line of one-shot comic books,” said Aazurn Publishing Publisher/Editor Gary Scott Beatty. “Erica is all over indie comics today and we’re lucky to have her and The Envy.”

Erica J. Helfin is writer, editor and publisher at Felinix Publications, a source for independent comics. Webcomics “Of the Grave” and “Robomastyx” and a growing collection of minicomics can be seen online at

Heflin’s “Flesh of White” will soon be available through Inverse Press, and new series “Chronographer” has found its home at Grayhaven Comics.

Last year, Heflin’s “Mother and Son” and “Of Wolf and Woman” were picked up by Grayhaven Comics. “The Black Hand” is available digitally through Alterna Comics and can be found at Comixology.

Erica’s comic book education began with her work in a comic store. “Before I knew what was happening, I was reading every book on the shelf. In the ’90s. Every book,” said Heflin. “That’s when I passed the point of no return, and became a lifelong comic book fan.”

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