This evening, I awoke from not-nearly-enough sleep to find that the last episode of Doctor Who had inadvertently been made available to fans and that the spoilery details of the season-ending cliffhanger freely floating throughout the intarwebz.  Overly the last couple of hours, I have been really torn on whether I want to know what is going on with Eleven and Clara enough to seek them out, or whether I can wait until next Saturday night to find out about what lies behind her perky smile and little button nose.  (Is there such a thing as a Manic Pixie Sidekick Girl?)  The only thing that has successfully distracted me was seeking out spoilers on the season-finale of the latest season of Survivor, the better to taunt my wife with as she enjoys that episode tonight…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) reminds you once again that Bruce Willis’s sled was actually Keyser Soze, asking: If you know that spoilers are available, do you want to seek them out or avoid them?


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  1. Right now i try to avoid them. I would like to see stuff early, but not getting it spoiled by knowing the big reveal.

  2. This is an important question…and in recent years I have decided No, I don not want spoilers. To the extent that i no longer watch trailers, unless they are in the cinema, because of late trailers have been giving away too much. Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness trailers were filled with action moments I didn’t want to see. Granted, there was no context, but the surprise of the moments were taken from me.
    When Star Wars Episode 1 came out, I happened across 2 spoilers. One was on the back of the CD soundtrack, with a track title CLEARLY giving away how it goes for Qui Gon; the second was in a spoiler FILLED review, and it was only when i got to the end I realised the extent of the spoilers I had just read.
    As a result, I endevour not to give any spoilers away when writing my reviews (and hopefully I’ve succeeded).
    So…In summary, spoilers are bad, and to be avoided!

  3. SmarkingOut Adam on

    I don’t even watch trailers because I don’t even like little things to be spoiled. Of course, sometimes trailers spoiler the entire movie, as well.

  4. If it is something I know I won’t see for a while, I’ll probably seek out spoilers by way of reading extensive plot summaries on wikis and such.

    But if it is something I think I’ll see soon (soon is subjective depending on the material), then no, I’d prefer not to have any spoilers.

  5. I use to love spoilers about games and movies . Since becoming a huge fan of Doctor Who and getting my friends into it, I have become aware of how much spoilers can ruin things. Its hard to talk about Who stuff without spoiling things, which presents an interesting challenge.

  6. Once I decide that I am looking forward to a particular movie or television show, I actively embargo myself from all manner of trailers, reviews, sneak peeks and the like.
    This also includes walking out of theatres during trailers and sticking fingers in my ears.

  7. I avoid spoilers. Usually I do pretty well. I’m pretty good at not listening to things. Which was an adjustment when I got married. :D

  8. A few things here and there can be exciting and enticing. Small reveals and teasers actually heighten anticipation and generate buzz.

    I think that in general however, major spoilers should always be avoided. Things are more fun that way.

  9. I vacillate between, “avoids all spoilers unless I’m certain I will not see it for a very long time” and “avoids spoilers only when I’m certain I will see it very shortly.”

    I tend toward the former though…

  10. If its something I care about, like Iron Man 3 or Doctor Who, then no.

    If its something I’d just watch for casual enjoyment, like a Resident Evil movie or Castle, then yes.

  11. If its something I like then no. I will try not to even watch new TV spots or trailers. If I don’t care about it then its fine. The only thing I will look at is the Rotten Tomatoes percentage score.

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