Well the submissions have been gone through. Wizards has gone through the 7,000+ entries and, through a rigorous process, has managed to narrow it down to eight different choices. So what are we looking at? Well, take the jump and find out.

As ever, we’ll start with what our current card looks like.
Still kinda blank, huh? That’s ok though, as over the next few weeks we are going to narrow our choices down and see what ability this guy is going to get. So, first off, the bracket.

How this is going to work is a simple, single-elimination vote each week. This week, we have four pairings and we will vote on each pair (I’ll show those in a moment). Then two pair, than a pair, and finally down to one before the next step occurs, whatever that may be. But, for what you’ve been waiting on, the cards themselves. And we’ll set this up so each card is next to the card it is against this round.

Now that we’ve seen everything this vote has to offer we’d normally be making our arguments as to what to vote for, however with this set up that seems a little excessive. Instead, I’m just telling you what criteria I’ll be voting by. For me, I will prioritize the most interesting designs, then which seems more fun to play both with and against. Others may try to measure by potential competitive viability or how easily the could break that concept. This time, it’s up to you to decide, so let us know what you’re thinking in the comments below and don’t forget to finish voting by Wednesday evening.


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  1. I voted:
    Consuming Contract
    Blood in the Watering Can
    Soulfeaster’s Rising (though i like neither card in this pairing)
    Eldritch Rites

    I generally like more straightforward cards that are less prone to forgetting to trigger them, remove a counter, etc.

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