The Magic Community has been abuzz the last day or so with rumors of a dangerous nature, the return of Slivers this summer. Well, we’re here to confirm that rumor, and give you more details on both the Hive’s return and other pieces being added to the Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014, so take the jump to find out.

Wizards has confirmed that Slivers are coming back to the game, with a new look and a new style. No longer are all the little creeps going to help all the others, now the Slivers are here only to help your team. This means that most, and likely all, of the Slivers arriving this summer will be brand new, and we were sent a list of some of what you can expect.SliverGrounshaker

SliverStriking− Sliver Construct
− Predatory Sliver
− Groundshaker Sliver
− Megantic Sliver
− Blur Sliver
− Striking Sliver
− Thorncaster Sliver
− Battle Sliver
− Sentinel Sliver
− Bonescythe Sliver
− Hive Stirrings

That last one is not so much a Sliver as it is a Sorcery what makes Sliver tokens. One wonders if they will still be colorless. Of course, as you can see, this isn’t the only change to the Slivers, they are now more humanoid, and some of the explanation may be found on Doug Beyer’s blog.

Of course, that’s not all of the exciting news. The next iteration of Duels of the Planeswalkers will include a Sealed Play element. And here’s an excerpt from the official announcements.

The addition of Sealed Play will allow players to open booster packs and build decks to play against the AI and other players. Each sealed pool is comprised of 84 cards, mimicking paper TCG booster packs. The PvE experience includes a six-deck ladder where players take on mono-colored Sealed decks each corresponding with a particular Planeswalker, and finally facing a ‘boss’ Sealed deck.

And a few screenshots of the experience on my current platform of choice, the PC.

If you look close you may be able to identify cards that will appear in Magic 2014, so enjoy those spoilers.
The Magic 2014 – Duels of the Planeswalkers video game will be available for PC, Xbox Live Arcade, PSN, iPad, and Android tablet for the first time when it launches this summer. The Magic 2014 product line-up also includes the Magic 2014 – Core Set for the paper trading card game (TCG) and Magic Online.


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