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Max Murray. A sinner. A broken and worthless excuse of a man. A man haunted by his past. Condemned to roam the streets of Misery City where horrors beyond imagination lurk every corner. Max tries to hide his past but his tendencies for womanizing and a juicy Mexican bar woman set the fiendish wheels of Hell in motion. Giant skeletons and dwarfish clowns, cursed zombie houses and fat-bottomed demons all attempt to drag Max back to the Pit. Can max survive a race against hell itself to save his soul? Or is it his fate to remain cloistered in a damned city cloaked in eternal darkness?

Get ready to experience a unique surreal horror noir trip brought to you by the vivid imaginations of Vassilis Gogtzilas and K.I. Zachopoulos.

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“Misery City is unique as the two fellows who dreamed it up, and it’s worth more than a look. It’s something really special.”
Sam Kieth

“And so from Greece comes a new genre: Surreal Noir. Raymond Chandler meets Terry Gilliam by way of Lewis Carroll. Misery City is a detective story set in the twisted world inside our own heads and heart- courtesy of Vassilis Gogtzilas and K.I. Zachopoulos”.
J.M. DeMatteis

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Press Release

Press Release

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