REVIEW: Age of Ultron #7


As any comic fan knows, Marvel just loves their events. It seems like every year we are getting a new company wide, multi-series spanning, universe altering event from the House of Ideas. This year’s (or 2013 for you future people) is Age of Ultron, bringing back the infamous automaton (and notable Avengers villain), Ultron! In a dystopian future ravaged by the robot army of Ultron, who will survive? Just who exactly is pulling the strings? Is the story worth reading? Find out the answer to at least one of these questions in your Major Spoilers review!

Story: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Brandon Peterson, Carlos Pacheco, Roger Martinez
Colors: Paul Mounts, Jose Villarrubia
Lettering: Cory Petit
Cover: Brandon Peterson
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $3.99

Previously in Age of Ultron: Robots are killing people and taking over. The few remaining heroes discover Ultron is orchestrating this all from the future, and a team is dispatched to travel to the future and try and stop it. Wolverine, correctly thinking it won’t work, goes to the past and kills Hank Pym before he can ever create Ultron. Now Wolverine, and his tag along Sue Storm, return to a new future than the one they left…


It seems like, in comics, whenever we view an alternate universe or dystopian future (in this case, a little bit of both) the writers just take all of the heroes and either slightly change them to make them slightly more “dark” or mash them up with another hero. Age of Ultron #7 proves to be no different, as Wolverine and Invisible Woman explore their new reality they are attacked by, not The Avengers, but The Defenders. This new team shows the new “inspired” versions of Captain America, who is now Colonel America and dawns Nick Fury’s signature eye-patch, Janet van Dyne (previously the Wasp) who is now Captain Marvel, and Cyclops who is now Cable and uses a gun, along with shooting eye beams out of one eye and having a metal arm. The rest of the team is composed of the less radical battle-worn Thing, brown suit Wolverine, old fashion Star-Lord, somber Doctor Strange and half burnt Hulk. Honestly these character changes are just annoying, and feel like they belong in fan-fic or as fan concepts rather than an actual comic. I’m all for the mashing up and changing of characters, but when it actually means something, not when its just for the sake of change. After the introduction of this alternate universe Defenders, the rest of the issue is just pointless and useless fighting between them and the Wolverine/Sue Storm tag team, which could have been avoided if Wolverine took ten seconds to explain why they were there.


The art is serviceable, but feels very robotic. It feels rushed and like the artist spent the bare minimum amount of time and effort to make sure it could pass for the art one expects from an event like this. Nothing feels special about it thought, it just feels like someone hit all the check boxes of what comic art should be.


Every issue of this drawn out event has not been worth the money; if you want to read it wait for the trade.

Rating: ★★½☆☆

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