TOYS: Iron Man 3 Minimates hit stores this week


You’ve seen the third Iron Man film, right? If you haven’t, you best not take the jump where Diamond Select Toys shares images of the Iron Man 3 Minimates line that arrives in stores this week.

Comic shops will get Iron Man Mark 42 with The Mandarin, and Iron Patriot (with Rhodey and Savin heads) with an Extremis Soldier (with two hair styles), as well as two exclusive sets: War Machine with Maya Hansen and Cowboy Disguise Tony Stark with Aldrich Killian. Toys “R” Us will also get Iron Man/Mandarin, and Iron Patriot/Extremis Soldier, plus their own exclusive two-packs: Suit Up Tony Stark with Heartbreaker Armor and Bones Armor with Silver Centurion Armor.

Armory Back2Back Bones Extremis HeadsUp Heartbreaker IronPatriot KillianMaya Mandarin Mark42 SIlverCent TonyStark WarMachine