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The Eisner Award-nominated all-ages, all-cat comic returns this summer with all-new stories in SCRATCH9: CAT TAILS from Hermes Press.

Following the book’s special edition on FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, the limited series SCRATCH9: CAT TAILS arrives in stores this July! The new comic will pair series creator Rob M. Worley with an eclectic mix of artists including Armand Villavert Jr, Chris Houghton, Jason T. Kruse, Caanan Grall, Shannon Eric Denton, John Martin, Joe Foo, Justin Castaneda and Mike Roll. Newcomer Joshua Buchanan anchors the series as the cover artist and interior illustrator as well.

Scratch9 features a mischievous house cat who gains the ability to summon any of his nine lives, past and future, to aid him in rescuing animals from the C.R.U.E.L. Corporation. The new CAT TAILS book gives each of the nine lives a chance to star in their own solo adventure spotlighting their unique abilities.

“It’s been such a blast telling stories in so many different genres, with artists whose styles could not be more different,” Worley said. “Kids and adults who loved the original series are sure to find something different to like in our nine CAT TAILS.”

The return of Scratch9 also marks the establishment of the SWAH fund: Savings for the Welfare of our Animal Heroes.

“‘Swah!’ is just one of Scratch’s many exclamations and it’s also the name of a new fund that is my effort to give back to the cats and dogs that have touched my life,” Worley said, noting that the series is a direct homage to his own cats. “So from this point forward, five percent of everything Scratch9 earns, be it comics or elsewhere, will be added to the SWAH fund.”

The SWAH fund will then be distributed as donations to various animal welfare organizations such as the ASPCA, Guardians For Animals in Michigan, in California and others.

Fundraising for animal shelters has always been part of Scratch9. Fans who caught Worley or Kruse during their publicity tour for the original book likely received a collectible shelter support card in exchange for a donation to a participating animal shelter. Worley plans to continue to offer premiums as rewards for shelter donations at upcoming appearances.

scratch9-cat-tails-01-cover-01 scratch9-cat-tails-01-page-01 scratch9-cat-tails-01-page-by-Caanan-Grall scratch9-cat-tails-01-page-by-Justin-Castaneda scratch9-cat-tails-01-page-by-Mike-Roll scratch9-cat-tails-01-page-by-Shannon-Eric-Denton

SCRATCH9: CAT TAILS #1 is available in the current Diamond Previews Catalog (cover dated May 2013) with an ordering code of #MAY13 1167

The book is expected to ship in July.

SCRATCH9 #1 is available for Free on May 4th, 2013 – Free Comic Book Day!

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