The U.S.S. Enterprise has been in challenging space battles before and with footage of the ship crashing down in multiple trailers it looks like it won’t make it out safely in Into Darkness. Perhaps the image on this IMAX poster is what sends the Enterprise falling to Earth.


Too bad the Millennium Falcon won’t swoop in at the last minute to save the Enterprise. OR, maybe it will thanks to J.J. batting for both teams.

Star Trek Into Darkness arrives in theaters May 17.

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  1. er no It’s the “USS vengeance” Having now seen the movie thanks free previews in London

    This movie is such a mixed bag the effects and look are awesome

    the actors do the best they can with a god awful script
    Now I am gonna spoil this movie it’s called major spoilers
    been warned

    Ok still reading


    no punches pulled here

    It’s xerox of Kahn in a blender with bad fanfic

    does everyone remember ds9’s bad guy section 31 starfleets blackops well they found Kahn and put him to work

    only this Version of kahn has MAGIC BLOOD :-(

    and rest of the guys on the botany bay are on the Enterprise in the torpedoes

    cutting a lot of stuff we get the beats from WoKahn and the glass bit only it’s kirk with the reactor this time

    kirk dies and is resurrected by Kahn’s MAGIC BLOOD!

    Oh JJ star wars will love you they like MAGIC BLOOD… now get the hell out’a my TREK!

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