Bluewater Productions sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of titles arriving in stores this week.

Mis-Adventures of Adam West #7
Writer: Leon McKenzie and Edward Gross
Artist: Tsubasa Yozora
Cover by Chris Mason
Fueled by more questions than answers, ADAM WEST spends each passing moment attempting to solve the greatest mystery of all time: How did he come to possess a powerful amulet that carries him through space and time? But when a more immediate murder case calls for the world’s greatest detective, TV’s original caped crusader gets his game afoot.

adamwest07_01 adamwest07_02 adamwest07_03 adamwest07_04 adamwest07_05 AdamWestOngoing-7

Ray Harryhausen Presents: War of the Elementals #4
Writer: Scott Davis
Artist: Sebastian Piriz
It’s all be leading up to this! The world as we thought we knew it is gone and the planet is under a constant barrage from the wild Elemental beasts. Even the 5th Squadron seems fractured beyond repair. The great rift between the realities is growing and has reached the tipping point. In this final chapter of the fantastical and phantasmic WWI epic adventure, the squadron faces momentous decisions of life, death, and sacrifice in one final push to bring the world back from the brink.

Elementals_04_001_letters Elementals_04_002_letters Elementals_04_003_letters Elementals_04_004&5_letters ELEMENTALS4

Fame: PSY
Writer: M.C. Choi / Joon H. Choi
Artist: Renshow Han
Korean Rapper PSY-. Thanks to YouTube, he became a global star over night in his mid-thirties with only one hit song “Gangnam Style” the lyric of which is out of the ordinary and wacky “Horse Riding Dance”.  PSY is a man of stubby build, not handsome and his stage costumes are unusual to say the least. So it can be confusing whether he is a singer or a comedian. But then what’s the appeal of him? It is his success story which is going to tell the readers the right answer.

psy01 psy02 psy03 psy04 psy05 PSYCOVER

Infamous: Lindsay Lohan
Writer: Marc Shapiro
Artist: Mimei Sakamoto
Lindsay Lohan was on the fast track to the top when, suddenly, alcohol, drug problems, arrests, stints in rehab, too much partying, and, yes, jail time derailed her celebrity train! Find out how Lindsay fought the law – and the law won!

InfamousLindsayLohan lindsay10 lindsay11 lindsay12 lindsay13 lindsay14

Female Force: Women in Politics: Volume #1
Writer: Various
Artist: Various
As featured on CNN, FOX News, Time Magazine, The Washington Post, LA Times, OK Magazine, and MSNBC! Female Force is a series that features biographies on strong, independent women in modern politics. This graphic novel includes stories on Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, Michelle Obama, and Caroline Kennedy.

femaleForce5 femaleForce6 femaleForce7 femaleForce8 FFWomeninPolitics1

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