The End Times of Bram and Ben has been fantastic, delivering a fun, humorous story that has kept this reader guessing as to how it will all end. Well, the end is here my friend. But does it live up to expectations? Your Major Spoilers review has all the answers.

Bram and Ben_4_coverTHE END TIMES OF BRAM AND BEN #4
Writers: James Asmus & Jim Festante

Artist: Rem Broo
Letterer: crank!
Colorist: Overdrive Studio
Editor: Sebastian Girner
Publisher: Image Comics
Cover Price: $2.99

Previously in The End Times of Bram and Ben: After Burning Bram lived up to its name by being burnt down by angels; Bram and Ben are taken to Las Vegas to meet the Antichrists. That’s right, there are two of them and they look a lot like Penn and Teller. Bram gets decapitated and now Ben is left alone to face the forces of Hell.


This is the final issue of the story so everything comes to a head here. Consequences occur, Both Heaven and Hell’s motivations are revealed and, of course, insanity ensues. Bram makes a triumphant return as a ghost with a wormlike tail and Tipul finally gets to kill a zombie. I want to keep my review vague so as not to spoil much, but answers are given. They’re not what I was expecting but are extremely satisfying. The concept that Heaven and Hell both have scummy motivations and are not all they seem was brilliant, fitting the ideas that have been presented in the series perfectly. Once again, Asmus and Festante set out to make a comical, non-offensive book about religion and succeed. Sure, there will be those sensitive types that take umbrage, but they’d be missing the point. Religion, and Christianity in particular, are not without their inconsistencies, resulting in facts and ideas that when looked at in a certain light, can be quite humorous. By the end, The End Times of Bram and Ben has presented the belief that all religions are valid and whatever you believe to be true, is. I loved the idea (though it’s a slightly scary one) that you choose where you go and not some supreme being behind the scenes. I thought I had some idea how this would end, but Asmus and Festante gave me the unexpected and that’s wonderful.

As with the previous three, this issue has hilarity throughout. The writers miss no chance to jab at pop culture, society and, of course, religion. One of the Antichrists did “Dancing With the Stars” to win people over, which when you think about it, seems appropriate. The jokes come fast and quick and hit every time. The only problem that could be found was with Laura and her personality traits due to her being roofied. The fact that she was roofied, while a little twisted, didn’t offend me but rather that she’s a dope throughout most of the issue. She was a character presented as intelligent and strong and reducing her to a drugged fool was a little disappointing. Still, she does kick some butt and deliver some funny one-liners so it can be overlooked. Asmus and Festante live up to, and exceed, the expectations that I had after reading the first three issues and I couldn’t have had more fun reading it.


It seems like Rem Broo has evolved even in four issues. So much action and chaos take place this issue and he controls every bit of it. At no point did I question what was taking place and the flow and pacing are pitch perfect. With so much content, he still manages to make it a brisk read. Details are phenomenal and the double page spread of our heroes fighting both Heaven and Hell is some of the best work I’ve seen done in its style. As always, Broo’s style matches the story perfectly, bringing both the humor and carnage. Accolades should go to the coloring as well, being vivid and bright but also reserved when it needs to be. Bram’s coloring is, for lack of a better term, faded but with a glow, giving a ghostly appearance but never losing him in all the action. This is fantastic stuff and I’ll definitely be picking up whatever project Rem Broo decides to do next.


The End Times of Bram and Ben was superb all throughout. Asmus and Festante have a lot of story threads to tie up and they do so wonderfully, leaving an ending that feels like an ending. No loose ends are left dangling and all reveals feel true and satisfying. The artwork is as great as the story, showing evolution from just three issues ago. I loved this book so much that the only negative is that it ends. If that’s the worst thing you can say about a book, well, you know it’s something special. The End Times of Bram and Ben #4, and the mini-series as a whole, more than earn 5 out of 5 stars.

Rating: ★★★★★

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