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  1. If this were a martial arts movie, I’d give it to Jet Li as he has spent his career mastering and innovating the form of the martial arts movie.

    However, if these two actual people could meet in a rainy alley, I’d give it to Bruce Lee. He innovated martial arts itself in the creation of Jeet Kune Do.

  2. A Bruce Lee quote I stumbled upon:

    “The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.”

    Bruce Lee lives on because of what he did and how he did it – bringing the martial arts movie to mainstream America, making his mark in the martial arts world with Jeet Kune Do, battling discrimination, and doing all with what I’ve only seen has extreme class.

  3. Had to choose Jet Li.

    I don’t nessesarily believe he’s the better fighter of the two, but based on the few movies i’ve seen with him (which is all i know), Jet Li would propably just go tip-toe on a lake till Bruce Lee died of old age.

  4. I hate to wote on Jet, but Im sure he would take down Bruce anytime. What Bruce did, he was the first to do. But Jet is just to fast and fierce. Whatch some of his “not for theatre” videos.
    Ka- blamikus

  5. Bruce Lee. Hands down. Even with all the flying swordsman tactics, Jet Li is still bound buy film whereas they actually had to slow down the film to even see Bruce Lee moving!

  6. Jason De Luna on

    Bruce Lee without a doubt. While Jet Li is very good at Wu Shu, Bruce spent almost all of his teenage years in actual street fights, no scripting, no choreography. And more importantly he survived them.

  7. I feel a bit bad for Jet. He is a very talented action star, but he really has no business going up against the mythology that has been put up around Bruce.

  8. Jet Li, because Bruce Lee is dead, and dead people don’t fight very well. In fact, they just sort of lay there and smell up the place.

  9. considering Jet Li said there was no way he would have been able to beat Bruce Lee and that Bruce slow himself down to be to be filmed… Mr Lee without any doubt

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