Last weekend, I asked which of the various swordsmen of the various universes might be the most skilled, leading to some heavy-duty discussion and more than a little bit of favoritism here and there.  (We all know that the real answer is Sophitia.)  If we really dig into that particular query, though, it quickly leads down a lot of other paths and makes one wonder about the masters of OTHER weapons: Is Han Solo a better shot than Robin Hood?  Would Michelangelo’s nunchaku prowess outstrip Panthro’s?  And what about those whose fighting styles don’t use any weapons at all?  Clearly, more discussion is needed, and the Faithful Spoilerites are the ones to have it!

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) wants to watch Kato, Shang-Chi and Val Armorr have a nice conversation about tea, asking: Who is the most skilled UNARMED combatant in all pop-culture?


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  1. Shang-Chi is the one who springs to mind for me. I kinda want to say Kwai Chang Caine too (the original one, not the one from the present-day sequel series), but that is more or less just my nostalgia kicking in.

  2. I want to give it to one of the characters from the Street Fighter franchise. Specifically three come to mind; Zangief, E. Honda, and Chin Li. I know there were a few others who did not come with projectile moves, but these three were the first, and therefore the greatest.

    They fought dudes who could chuck fireballs and generate enough electricity and stretch their arms across half a continent. These three had to get in close and take a hit or two before they could open up a can-o-whoop ass. Of the three I go with Chin Li for best of the best.

    Chin Li for the win.

  3. Neo. Whatever you may think of the movies, particularly the third one, the idea that within the Matrix, Neo can fight and act at the speed of thought is pretty compelling.

    • Only Po could forget the lyrics to his own TV show and fill it in with “something something something something” and make it work. Well, him and animated Emperor Palpatine.

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