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From the streets and skies of San Francisco, a brand new comedic web series featuring a team of lovable and bumbling superheroes is poised to launch! While superhero culture and fandom is at an all-time high, a small creative team in the San Francisco Bay Area has crafted a superhero story with a unique twist.

Neighborhood Watchmen ( is an episodic mockumentary about a team of local, c-list superheroes struggling to make a name for themselves and be recognized as a legitimate crisis-level team.  Rather than focus on what happens when the superheroes fight crime, creators David Studebaker, Dash Kwiatkowski, and Stephen Ku, all stand-up comedians and writers from the SF Bay Area, focus on what happens when they’re not fighting crime.  Neighborhood Watchmen captures the superheroes in their headquarters as they handle interpersonal issues, water-cooler moments, and everything else in between crime fighting adventures.

The main characters include:

  • Panther: Washed up team leader, Panther was a boy genius in the early 80s and has since fallen into obscurity. Overly optimistic, he sees the team as better than it might actually be.
  • Justin Justice: The team strongman and All-American “boyscout” with a penchant for looking at himself in the mirror too much and a weakness to food allergies.
  • Sgt. Killzone: A Heavily armed and armored madman who claims to be from the future, the over-the-top man-child of the team.
  • Victory Girl: From the Isle of Amazonia, Victory Girl strives to be prim, proper, and to prove herself on a team full of men, but deep down, she’s also just a college freshman trying to find herself.
  • Mr. Lasers: The slacker of the team. Mr. Lasers doesn’t really want to be there, he’d rather be going to college, but his strict Asian parents are forcing him to pursue a career in superheroism.
  • Mind Guy: The jolly team psychic who only shows up when he knows he’s needed.  Mind Guy uses his powers for trolling and entertainment, but is still a critical part of the team.

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And the antagonist for Season 1:

  • Battle Woman: A superstar superhero who is reviewing the team’s status as a franchise of the large crime fighting organization.  Battle Woman loathes the team and will do anything to get it shut down.

All 15 episodes of season 1 have been written, all costumes have been made, and assuming all financing goals are hit, season 1 will be shot this summer in its entirety, with the first episode being release in early Fall!


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