C2E2: Wolverine: Killable


As is hinted at in the upcoming Wolverine movie, Logan just wants to be an average ordinary guy. While we won’t know the fate of the Hugh Jackman character for a while yet, Marvel is getting into the powering down of Wolverine in August with “Killable” by Paul Cornell and Alan Davis.

This arc kicks off in Wolverine #8, but one needs to read the end of the “Drowning Logan” arc that leads into a stand alone issue dealing with Logan’s new found mortality, which then catapults readers into the Killable arc.

In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Mr. Cornell stated, “It’s about what happens when someone whose entire persona, fighting style and attitude is shaped by one big factor in their lives loses that. Logan has always gone into battle allowing himself to take a certain amount of damage. That’ll have to change, but that takes doing. He’s always assumed he had a long time to figure things out, to let life happen, but now, should he be more committed, should he make his relationships more important, should he try and start a family and keep it together, just for once? Most warriors have to deal with the idea of death. This is new to him, and it changes the sort of warrior he is. It makes him braver and tougher, because now he has everything to lose. But that journey to braver and tougher is a very difficult one.”

Cornell wouldn’t divulge where Logan eventually winds up in the series, but he did hint that it is somewhere important to the character, it hasn’t been shown often, and it has changed a lot.  I’m not up on my Wolverine history, but considering the movie is just around the corner, I wouldn’t be surprised if he shows up in Japan.