C2E2: Spider-Man 2099 arrives in September


Last year, when Dan Slott was teasing the heck out of the then upcoming Superior Spider-Man, he made a comment about Miguel O’Hara making an appearance.  Fans of Spider-Man 2099 having been waiting for that appearance to occur, and at C2E2 this weekend, it was revealed not if, but when the characters makes his appearance.

Dan Slott and Ryan Stegman bring the character to present day in Superior Spider-Man #17, that hits stores in September 2013.

“It’s Spider-Man of the future!” Slott said in a prepared statement. “How can you not love Miguel? He’s awesome. I, like everybody in the 1990’s, was reading the 2099 books, and SPIDER-MAN 2099 and GHOST RIDER 2099 were my favorites. For some time, I’ve wanted to do a Spidey 2099 meet-up or have things from the present affect the future and what was weird was that I later got to write the ‘Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions’ video game. And it was like, ‘Heyyy…’ So that worked out but you will notice that there is a big hint slash clue running around in Big Time that shows that things were all aiming this way.”

While we know the release date and issue number, Slott is still very quiet about what exactly will occur in the first meeting between hero/villain and hero.


“This storyline will set-up a threat, not just for the world of Spider-Man but for the Marvel Universe,” explains Slott. “Everyone will feel the impact. You will notice that in the Marvel Universe, a lot of things have been happening. The time stream. We’ve had the Age of Ultron, we’ve had young X-Men showing up, we’ve had all these different things happening in the time stream of the Marvel Universe and now, Miguel O’Hara is showing up. What could it mean?”

I think it means a big time event where heroes from all over time, space, and dimension meet up to confront an ultimate evil that threatens to consume the universe, and one hero will have to make the ultimate sacrifice to stop it!

via Marvel