C2E2: DC Comics at C2E2


Now that C2E2 has finished, it’s time to take a look at what DC brought to the show, because a booth wasn’t one of them.

As always, here’s a fast blast of the highlights

  • DC will debut DC Entertainment Essential Graphic Novel and Chronology 2013. What makes this 128 page catalog a big deal is it will be available for free. FREE!
  • Tony Zuco is still alive, and living in Chicago, which prompts Dick Grayson to move to Chi-Town full time beginning in Nightwing #22.
  • Batman Year Zero is coming, which finally tells everyone the true (New 52) origin of the character.
  • Batman continues his post-Robin depression, and Catwoman will team up with Batman in an issue #22 of  Batman and Robin Catwoman.
  • Though it wasn’t stated as fact, it was hinted at quite a bit that Carrie Kelly could become the next Robin if the stars aligned just right.
  • Bane gets back to his roots in an upcoming issue of Talon.
  • Constantine is set to appear in Swamp Thing #22
  • The Green Team #2 features the Batmobile in issue #2 and Deathstroke in issue #3.  How these all tie together is still yet to be seen as The Green Team #1 arrives in stores May 22, 2013.
  • “A lot of these new characters Gail has created for ‘The Movement’ feel very fleshed out…they feel like they have a lot of history,” said series artist Freddie E. Williams.
  • Before Watchmen: Ozymandias ties directly into the first issue of the original Watchmen series.
  • Since Batman ’66 is all about the television series characters in comics, look for Killer Croc to look like a guy in a big rubber mask.
  • Wonder Woman is headed to New Genesis.
  • “We chose this year to participate with the programming and a number of panels like this one,” said VP of Sales Bob Wayne.
  • Look for DC and Warner Bros. to expand their television show live action line-up. Sadly, don’t expect to see anymore Young Justice anytime soon.
  • Look for Trinity to play out across three Justice League titles, Pandora, Constantine, and Phantom Stranger.
  • We saw Booster Gold in a recent issue of All-Star Western, and it looks like Jonah Hex is now poised to head to the future.
  • You may have already seen it, but it looks like the New 52 version of Cyborg Superman is on his way in, which is interesting, because a non-cyborg version of Hank Henshaw was seen in Team 7.

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