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Eco Comics has decided to celebrate St. George’s Day by announcing its next comic book series, Englishman.

Englishman #1 is written by Chris Bunting and illustrated by Valentin Ramon.

It will be a paperless-exclusive title from the award-winning ‘green’ publisher.

Bunting says: “I often feel quite envious of the patriotism that so many other countries display, but ‘England’ has almost become a forgotten, even a dirty, word.

“To paraphrase the historian David Starkey, we should celebrate, and not be ashamed of, England.

“To help address this, just as the US has its Captain America, I realised that England needed its own patriotic super hero: enter Englishman.

“This is the most ambitious, dark and controversial title that I’ve yet written. But expect fun, fireworks, and my usual irreverence.

“Also expect plenty of famous English faces to appear in comic book form for the first time – the cover preview reveals some of them. Plus, there are brand new, quintessentially English characters, including Greenbelt and Dry Stone Wall.”

Eco Comics believe Englishman to be the first English comic book hero to receive his own series. It seems that characters such as Captain Britain cannot be classed as patriotic: there is, of course, no such country as ‘Britain’.


The comic book and graphic novel publishing arm of Mohawk Media holds to a simple philosophy: to produce the most environmentally-friendly titles possible. Eco Comics places precedence on stories that entertain over those that attempt to be gritty and dark alone.
The publisher is committed to producing the highest quality stories: not “webcomics” or print titles which are later turned digital. Beginning to end product, each title is structured exactly like any top quality comic book, but without detrimental impact on environment and wildlife.
The publisher’s environmental endeavours have resulted in it receiving a 2012-2013 Green Apple Award.
Some of the publisher’s ‘green’ titles so far include Dracula vs. Robin Hood vs. Jekyll & Hyde; Dick Turpin; Tough Guy; and official mascot of Eco Comics, the Green Man.
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