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Because its primary goal is to promote reading, creativity, and exploration in kids’ lives, KIDS COMIC CON (KCC) has launched an Indiegogo campaign to put more books in the hands of underprivileged children. Called “KCC Bucks 4 Books,” the goal is the help build a literacy treasure chest,” explained KCC creator and founder Alex Simmons, writer for Archie, Scooby-Doo, and Tarzan, among others.

The not-for-profit enterprise was designed to engage children’s imagination and creativity through the medium of comic books, drawing, art and storytelling and to let kids know that people care about them and believe in their ability to do positive things in the world. Inherent in this is the educational aspect of literacy – helping kids both read and write.

Alex Simmons“We’ve watched children and teens be energized and inspired by the opportunity to create their own stories and discover so many different books about people, places and things,” said Simmons. “Fired by their natural curiosity, they leapt at the chance to read. Many of the kids and families come from underserved communities, or from working families struggling to make ends meet. We decided to launch this fundraiser to help us inspire even more young readers.”

The Scholastic Book Fair is one of the exhibitors for this year’s KIDS COMIC CON 7, which will take place on Saturday, May 11 at Bronx Community College. While Scholastic will have some materials available for kids to take away, KCC organizers thought they’d go the extra mile and actually give the children who attend the opportunity to purchase books they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. In the past KCC attendance has ranged between 700 and 1000 people, with children representing at least 2/3 of that number.

On the day of the event, organizers will give KCC Coupons worth $5 to as many children as possible. The number will depend on the amount of money raised through this funding campaign. The coupons will be honored by the Scholastic Book Fair booth, and by any other book vendor at the show. At the end of the day, the vendors will redeem the coupons for an equal amount in actual dollars.

Please go to to learn more about the fundraiser.

The Kids Comic Con was created by a team of artists, and educators, to reach out to young children from every background. The activities of the organization extend from the annual convention in the Bronx to a variety of events at New York City’s Ronald McDonald House. The KCC team engages with the children staying at the House via various interactive workshops and helps raise money for the House by selling sketches and comics at their annual street fair. Additionally, KCC travels to other countries where the “Kids Comic Con Roadshow” has helped children learn that they can be positively empowered through the use of their creativity and imaginations.


The 2013 KIDS COMIC CON is set for May 11 at Bronx Community College, 181st Street and University Avenue, Bronx, NY from 10 a.m to 6 p.m. Admission is FREE. This year’s theme is: Sci-Fact to Sci-Fiction, Where Creativity and Technology Meet. Kids will be able to meet with over 30 acclaimed artists who use different forms of science and technology to create comics, animation, video games, puppets, and more.

Featured events include:

KCC 7 Patrolled By NEW CRUSADERS! The creators of Archie Comics’ sci-fi superheroes will be there to answer questions, sketch, and share an inside peek of their creation.

Around the Corner to SESAME STREET! Come meet members of the Jim Henson/Sesame Street creative team. Learn how they work with the Muppets, and much more.

Expand your reading library with an on-site SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR! Representatives from Scholastic will be on hand with special offers just for KCC attendees!

Notable guests at this year’s event include veteran editors Jim Salicrup and Joan Hilty, artist Rick Parker, Louis Mitchell and Diana Leto from Sesame Workshop, Karen Falk from the Jim Henson Company and a variety of writers, artists and editors from Archie Comics including Suzannah Rowntree, Jamal Peppers, Alitha Martinez, Ryan Jampole, Joe Morciglio, Angelo DeCesare and Paul Castiglia.

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