If you have seen any of the seemingly hundreds of Iron Man 3 promos, posters, and trailers you know that we will be seeing more Iron Man suits than ever before. Hot Toys is looking to capitalize on this by creating as many figures based on those armors as possible. More details and images after the jump.

Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 3 is hitting the theatres this week! As you have probably seen from the trailer, a multitude of new suits will be introduced in the movie.

Today, we are excited to present one of the brand new armors from our Power Pose Series (PPS) – the 1/6th scale Red Snapper Collectible Figurine, the disaster rescue suit Mark XXXV with an extended arm-length and movable claw-like hands which can perform movie-accurate iconic poses and twists very closed to that in the movie, with LED light-up functions and figure stand with Red Snapper and the Stark Industries nameplate.

Collect the Power Pose Series together with the Movie Masterpiece Series and Diorama Series in 1/6th scale as some of the parts are compatible with each other!

If my counting is correcting, I’m seeing 15 points of articulation for the XXXV figure which will make for great posing, as seen just from the promotional images. Hot Toys hasn’t released a price for the figure yet, but do say that you should be looking for this in the fourth quarter of 2013.

via Hot Toys


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