Have you ever wanted something more out of the crappy horror movies you watch with friends? Do you feel a need that those nights need to be upped either competitively or at least on the entertainment front? Well, this looks like a game you should try, and we’ll show you why after the jump.

CineManiac: Horror Edition is a card game that brings the mocking of Horror tropes to the fore-front for an entertaining game riddled with dark humor. Being made by O.G.RE games, the kickstarter project is currently going. The game seems simple enough, allowing you to play cards for yourself or on your friends based on the current plots and actions happening within whatever film you are enjoying.

The game was designed by Ben Fisher, who is the author or the critically acclaimed graphic novels Smuggling Spirits, Hexen Hammers, and Splitsville. Card art was created by Mike Henderson, who has worked on Spider-Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Masks & Mobsters, and, currently, the comic adaptation of Cinemax’s Banshee.

Ben says he got the idea for CineManiac while watching the horrendously bad “BloodRayne” with a friend. He suggested they make the movie watchable, to the extent such a thing is possible, by each writing down 10 things we expected to happen. For every correct guess, the other person had to drink. CineManiac uses a very different set of rules, but the basic concept of incorporating the very social act of watching horror movies into a game was born.

So, hurry over to Kickstarter for a look at the trailer and some more details about game-play and choose quickly, as the project ends Sunday. Or check them out on Facebook and Board Game Geek. As for me, this sounds like a way to get past my dislike of a genre and learn to enjoy it, what could you make of it?


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