Yesterday’s MS-QOTD posited a posit regarding the breakdown of your perfect four-person (or four-creature, we don’t discriminate hyar’bouts) alliance of eeeevil.  But now, as the work-week comes to a close and I’m filled with hope and promise for the upcoming weekend, I find myself worried about all the potential villainous super-groups that we’ve just unleashed.  (Seriously, Velvet Revolver doesn’t need the competition.)  In the spirit of bringing balance to the force, albeit without providing employment to Hayden Christiansen, permit me to beg your indulgence in helping me to provide appropriate counter-measures…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would like to remind you that super-powers alone do not a victory guarantee, so the team of Superman/Earth-2 Superman/The Sentry and Supreme would utterly suck for more reasons than one, asking: What four heroic types of all the fictional worlds would you recruit to combat yesterday’s perfect combination of eeeevil?


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  1. Captain Marvelous (armed with the Ranger Keys of Big One, Dekared, MagiRed and any one of the Kamen Rider keys), The 3rd Doctor, G’nort (the Green Lantern dog-man, who I believe would be a suitable stand-in for Phillip J. Fry to defeat the Big Brain) and Tenel Ka Djo (Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium, former Jedi Knight, daughter of a Force Witch of Dathomir).

  2. i think I’ll go with:
    1. Wonder Woman (Brian Azzarello version)
    2. John Constantine (Vertigo version from Garth Ennis years)
    3. Brainiac 5 (WKRP version)
    4. Drax the Destroyer (Annihilation timeframe)

    Here’s the rationale: WW+Constantine gives magical support. WW+Drax gives physical support. B5+Drax gives outer space support. Drax+Constantine give the “willing to get hands dirty” work ethic when required.

  3. Sailor Jupiter (from Sailor Moon): Lightning and thunder powers, strength
    Torq (from Critical Hit): combat expertise, wise and funny
    Saturn Girl (from the Legion of Super Heroes): telepath
    Girrairn (my tauren shaman character in World of Warcraft): because he’s awesome!

  4. If we’re just talking archetypes, you need an innocent hero, a responsible hero, a smart hero, and a crazy hero.

    Deadpool (crazy/indestructible/killer)
    Dr. Who (smartie/transportation)
    Monkey D. Luffy (responsible/powerful/unpredictable)
    Kirby (innocent/mimic)

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